Pharmacotherapy Examination Preparatory Course

Gulf Medical University College of Pharmacy is offering a Pharmacotherapy Examination Preparatory Course to train practicing pharmacists for Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) examination. Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist (BCPS) is one of the specialty certifications provided by BPS. This American Board Certification is an internationally recognized qualification assuring the credibility of clinical pharmacist abilities. UAE has multiple sites for writing BCPS examination, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi. GMU is currently offering this course for UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) Pharmacists  [Link].

Details about BCPS Exam could be found on BPS website:

As per BPS, Pharmacotherapy ensures the safe, appropriate and economical use of medications as part of interprofessional treatment teams in a variety of settings, including hospitals and health systems. The purpose of the BCPS program is to validate that the pharmacist has the advanced knowledge and experience to improve patient outcomes by:

  • Evaluating, implementing, monitoring, and optimizing of pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic therapy;
  • Providing patient-centered, evidence-based therapeutic interventions and information;
  • Functioning as a member of an interprofessional team providing direct patient care; and
  • Collaborating within an interprofessional team to improve quality and safety, in addition to optimization of medication use systems.

The Pharmacotherapy Examination Preparatory Course is delivered by experienced clinical faculty and Board-certified clinical pharmacists of Gulf Medical University College of Pharmacy. The duration of the Course is 15 weeks with intense coaching and multiple practice examinations. It is offered in 2 cycles; October and March. For more information, please contact: