Summer Training

A distinctive feature of the academic program at GMU is the Summer Training Program (STP), which unique concept introduced by the University to enable students to get international exposure and experience in clinical settings.

As part of the STP, each year during the summer vacation, GMU students participate in clinical training in leading universities and hospitals in different countries including USA, UK, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Hungary, Thailand, Sweden, Switzerland, India, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar and Jordan. This helps the students understand the methodologies in healthcare and research and exposes them to various nuances of medical advances.

The University considers it of paramount importance that students be exposed to some of the common as well as rare clinical conditions in different countries so that they get a wider clinical experience. The program aims to stimulate the minds of our students, expand their horizons of knowledge and ignite their intellect by letting them learn about various medical problems in different countries.