Dr. Vinaytosh Mishra


Associate Professor of Management,
Digital Health & Health Analytics

Dr. Vinaytosh Mishra is Associate Professor for Healthcare Management (Management, Digital Health, and Heath Analytics) at the College of Healthcare Management and Economics, Gulf Medical University, Ajman (UAE). He has more than 16 years of experience in industries like Healthcare, EdTech, Finance, and Information Technology. He was instrumental in making a diabetes specialty clinic into a fifty-bed multi-specialty clinic during his tenure at Aaroha Healthcare (P) Ltd.  In his last Assignment as Associate Professor at FORE School of Management, New Delhi he was program director for two successful long-duration programs namely “Building Intelligent Healthcare Analytics” and “PGPM in Healthcare Management and Analytics”. He is also a certified Diabetes Educator and Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma.

Dr. Mishra is a proponent of system thinking and is certified by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA in System Thinking. He is also holding advanced certification in System Dynamics Modeling from ATC-INNOVA, Spain. He is also a certified supply chain management expert and has a special interest in healthcare supply chains.

He has also successfully filled out an Australian patent for a device for the early detection of diabetes using nail fold capillaroscopy and a German patent Diabetes Education and Lifestyle Management product named Banting. He is a domain expert for AI implementation in healthcare for a U.K.-based firm Bikal.  In addition to this, Dr. Mishra is an advisory board and adjunct positions with leading institutes in India such as Datta Meghe Institute of Higher Education & Research, Nagpur, and Panacea Institute of Interdisciplinary. Research and Education, Varanasi

Dr. Vinaytosh Mishra has published in journals of international repute (ABDC/Scopus/SSCI) and served as a reviewer for various international journals. Dr. Mishra is also part of the editorial board of leading journals such as Hospital Topics, and Frontiers in Digital Health.

He features regularly on 100.3 FM Talk Business and Sport Show as a Business Strategy and Technology Expert and is an invited columnist for Asia Development Bank Asia Pathway, Times of India, The Brew News, UAE.

Dr. Mishra has a special interest in building an entrepreneurship ecosystem and acting as a business mentor for leading incubators in India and UAE as Healthcare, Marketing, Service Operations, and Supply Chain management expert.

Academic Qualification

  • PhD. from Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) (Institute of National Importance in India) Varanasi, India on “Strategic Planning and Management of Diabetes Care-A Case of Varanasi City” awarded in the year 2018.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Statistics and Computing from Institute of Science, Banaras Hindu University (Institute of Eminence in India) Varanasi, India
  • Master of Business Administration (Marketing and Operations) from the Institute of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, India in the year 2009.
  • Bachelor of Technology (Electronics Engineering) from Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) (Institute of National Importance in India) Varanasi in the year 2002.

Select Certifications

  • Green Belt Certification in Lean Six Sigma, KPMG,2016
  • Advanced Certificate in System Dynamics using Vensim, ATC-INNOVA, Spain,2017
  • Certified Diabetes Educator, International Diabetes Federation, 2015
  • Certified on Diabetes and Ramadan, International Diabetes Federation, 2023

Professional Memberships

  • System Dynamics Society, USA
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), USA

Funded Projects

  • Project Title: Role of Telemedicine in Primary Care of Patients with a chronic condition
    Sponsoring Agency: FORE School of Management, New Delhi, INDIA
    Budget:250,000 INR
    Status: Completed ( year 2019)
  • Project Title: System Dynamics Modeling for Prevalence of Diabetes in UAE
    Sponsoring Agency: Gulf Medical University, Ajman, UAE
    Budget: 27400 AED
    Status: Started January 2023 (In Progress)
  • Project Title: Evidence for Effectiveness of Parsimonious Use of RYBELSUS® in T2DM.
    Sponsored Agency: Panacea Institute of Interdisciplinary Research and Education, Varanasi, India
    Budget: 300,000 INR
    Status: Started November 2022 (In Progress)

Patent and Copyright

  • Australian Patent: Inexpensive Nail Capillary Morphography for Early Detection of Diabetes
  • German Patent: Banting – AI-based digital therapeutics (DTx) for Diabetes Education and lifestyle modification (Filed).
  • Copyright Holder: Ramadan Quality of Life Instrument (RDQoL)

Teaching Interest

Healthcare Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Healthcare Analytics, Health Technology Assessment, and Digital Health

Research Interest

Chronic Disease Care, Healthcare Supply Chain Management, Health Economics, Medical Tourism, Health Technology Assessment, Social Determinants of Health, and Digital Health

Ongoing Projects

  • Factors Affecting Health Insurance Adoption in India and Implications.
  • Role of Large Language Models such as ChatGPT and Bard in Healthcare.
  • Hospitality Bridging Healthcare Project.
  • Ethical Use of AI in Healthcare Project.
  • System Dynamics Modeling for public health planning.
  • Deep Learning for early detection of diabetes using nail fold capillaroscopy.
  • Ramadan and Health-Related Quality of Life Instrument Project

Select Publications

  • Thakuriya., Kaur, S. & Mishra, V. (2023). Assessment of Blockchain Technology as Remedy to Counterfeit Drugs Problem in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain and Implementation Approach. Operations Research Forum (Online)
  • Naik, M. K. P., Bhardwaj, P., & Mishra, V. (2023). Modeling of barrier in the adoption of omnichannel marketing: a case of Indian handloom industry. Research Journal of Textile and Apparel. (online)
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