Dean’s Message

Greetings from College of Healthcare Management and Economics, Gulf Medical University!

I feel both privileged and proud to be the Dean of the College of Healthcare Management & Economics – CoHME. Our University is renowned for its friendly and innovative environment, challenging programs and picturesque campus with state of the art facilities.

In the past few years, both the local and global health industry environment has witnessed massive changes. The health industry environment can best be described as fast-growing, turbulent, technologically driven and highly competitive. These changes have created a severe shortage of healthcare business professionals. Healthcare management education must, therefore, be forward-looking proactive in order to respond to these dramatic changes. My goal is to ensure that our healthcare management students gain the necessary skills and entrepreneurial mindset so they can become innovative thinkers who are able to take on today’s global business challenge with confidence and to have a profound impact on the strategic direction of the health industry.

The GMU – Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and Economics (BSc.HME) program is designed to address the extreme shortage of healthcare management and economics professionals and fill the gap in healthcare business curricula. The bachelor program (QFEmirates Level 7) is designed to prepare healthcare business professionals in the various areas of business including management, policy, economics, marketing, accounting, finance, entrepreneurship and management information systems to face the challenge brought by the dramatic and constant changes that are taking place in the health industry. The College of Healthcare Management and Economics offers attractive scholarship for new students accepted in the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and Economics (BSc.HME).

The Executive Master in Healthcare Management and Economics (EMHME) is designed to address the acute shortage of senior managers and top executives in the health industry and fill the gap in graduate business curricula. The Master program (the QF Emirates Level 9) is uniquely designed to prepare participants to assume their leadership role. Emphasis is placed on developing and enhancing leadership skills including decision making, innovation, critical thinking, team building, problem-solving conflict management, executive reporting and communication. Participants are introduced to the various functions of business including management, economics, marketing, finance, accounting, entrepreneurship and management information system. Clinical case approach and executive field projects in affiliated healthcare facilities are an integral part of the study. Experts from both the health industry and scholars from US, Canada and Europe are regular guest speakers in the program. To have a good understanding of the health industry participants are introduced earlier in the program to essential medical knowledge, the health system, strategic issues in the health industry and the global health industry. The College of Healthcare Management and Economics offers attractive scholarship for new students accepted in the Executive Master in Healthcare Management and Economics (EMHME).

The basic premise of the college philosophy and in particular the bachelor program is that in order for students to fully understand the complexity, dynamics, language and specifics of the health industry and its unique environment students must develop a high level of exposure and familiarity with medical sciences and healthcare practice. This unique incubation philosophy is achieved through the following steps: In addition to their business courses, students need to acquire essential medical knowledge in order to develop familiarity with the medical sciences, trends and industry language. The program is designed so delivery of essential medical knowledge takes place at the various medical colleges in order to achieve exposure to the healthcare environment. Practice and clinical case approach is the defining characteristic of the program. As part of our learning process students throughout the program attend apprenticeship program, participate in field projects and a lengthy internship program at GMU affiliated network of health facilities including hospitals, clinics, labs, pharmacies and health insurance. Guest Speakers from the healthcare industry as well as scholars from top schools worldwide participate in the delivery of the program to share their experience and views. Indeed, GMU has forged partnership agreements and close ties with many universities across the globe. Our goal is to weave in medical science, business knowledge and clinical practice into an integrated unique experience-based learning paradigm capable of producing future healthcare management leaders.

There are many rewarding career opportunities not only in the UAE but also on a regional and global scale for graduates of both programs as a result of the fast growing healthcare market in the UAE, GCC countries and worldwide coupled with the acute shortage of specialized healthcare business professionals. In this exciting context, there is a growing need for  a new breed of well trained  professionals and senior executives who fully understand the health industry, its dynamics, the transformation process that is taking place in order to fill the extreme shortage in hospitals, health authorities, pharmaceutical companies, biomedical start-ups, government and nongovernment health organizations, research centres, medical tourism organizations,  healthcare consulting firms as well as international health organizations.

Furthermore, because of their extensive business program modelled after three top business schools in the US,, graduates of both programs could opt to pursue career opportunities in related or unrelated sectors of the economy such as the financial, insurance and or communication sector.

CoHME is a student-oriented community. Your journey from student to professional begins at our college, where building your career is our mission. Your faculty enjoys a world class reputation for their teaching innovation and research. They are committed to your intellectual and professional development. Your program is designed to ensure that you develop the skills that are necessary for a successful career. You will receive advice and mentorship during your program of study. CoHME is committed to each student’s life long career as a successful health industry leader and a valued member in the society.

At CoHME the learning process goes beyond the classroom. Our students engage in hands-on business learning opportunities throughout the program in GMU affiliated healthcare facilities. They also bring opportunities to local, regional and global communities through projects that address healthcare management and economic issues.

CoHME is located in the Gulf Medical University known for its landscape picturesque campus and state of the art facilities including libraries up to date computer facilities, laboratories and modern sports club. Convenient facilities are nearby including shops, banks, hair salons, restaurants, coffee shops, and laundry facility.

CoHME is also a fun place to be at. The GMU Students’ Association and various student clubs organize numerous activities including social events, competitions, trips and much more.

We are all proud of our college. With a unique innovative programs and an integrated learning environment we are creating new standards in healthcare management education in the region. Come and join our CoHME community as we pursue the future of healthcare management.

I look forward to welcoming you.

Prof. A. Bakr Ibrahim, PhD, CPA, CMA
Founding Dean, College of Healthcare Management and Economics