Overview: Challenging the Future of Healthcare Management Education

The College of Healthcare Management and Economics (CoHME) is leading the charge into the next generation of healthcare management education.

The new college of Healthcare Management and Economics (HME) allows GMU to maintain its differentiation strategy in the health industry in higher education and fill the acute shortage of healthcare management professionals. The healthcare industry is the second largest sector in most countries. The healthcare sector in the region is vibrant and thriving-constantly driving continued growth across all segments.

The new college of Healthcare Management and Economics was established to offer two unique programs that leverage the experience of the existing medical faculty and the large network of healthcare facilities affiliated to GMU.

The college is offering a four years Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and Economics and a 3 Semesters Executives Master in Healthcare Management and Economics.

Why a Specialized College in Healthcare Management & Economics?

Strong Needs for a Specialized Program

The College of Healthcare Management and Economics was established to fill the severe specialized skill gap in the large and growing health industry in the Gulf region and worldwide. The GMU integrated healthcare system of medical education, research and training in its affiliated large network of health facilities allow the college to offer unique programs that business schools have failed to do.

Because of its extensive business program modeled after top business schools in the US, graduates of both programs could pursue business career in other sector of the economy.

A College with a Difference

  • Healthcare Management programs are delivered within a University dedicated to the medical field, and with the strength of an integrated healthcare system of education, research, and practice.
  • A large network of affiliated healthcare facilities across the country and abroad.
  • A strong network of partnerships with many universities and scholars across the globe.
  • An active member in the European Health Management Association [Link] with a large network of healthcare programs and scholars and soon candidacy of the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education in the USA.

Rethinking Healthcare Management Education: Our Philosophy 

The college programs are built around a highly differentiated approach that is based on a unique incubation philosophy and grounded on the following:

  • Healthcare management programs must provide essential medical knowledge in order for students to be able to understand and communicate the unique language and the strategic issues in the medical/health industry.
  • Medical knowledge should be delivered by the medical colleges in order for students to gain familiarity with and exposure to the medical environment.
  • A medical campus that allows business students to be exposed to the healthcare environment and familiar with its unique culture.

Not Your Average School of Management – A Practice-Oriented Approach

The Incubation Philosophy also includes: 

  • A lengthy training programs including apprenticeship, field research and internship.
  • Executive in Residence to provide one to one advice.
  • Executive Guest Speakers from affiliated health facilities.
  • Business scholars from North America and European Health Management Association [Link]
  • Other scholars from around the globe