Master Class on New Challenges for Clinicians and Managers

On the Occasion of the launch of the College of Healthcare Management & Economics, we are hosting a series of Master classes by global experts on topics of interest to the healthcare community

Master Class by Prof. Federico Lega

Venue: Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, Airport Road, Dubai, UAE
Date: 11th Feb 2019 at 5pm | RSVP:

Re-designing & Bridging "Patient-Centred" Hospitals: New Challenges for Clinicians and Managers

Hospital sectors around the world are facing tremendous changes in demography, new technology, innovation in clinical practice and the regulatory environment, making the management of hospitals extraordinarily complex. These pressures are leading to hospital re-organizations, which fall in two broad categories:

  1. Bridging
  2. Redesigning

The first concerns integrations between organisations including vertical and horizontal integration leading to: integrated delivery systems, multi-hospital networks based on alliances or other informal agreements of cooperation, multi-hospital groups based on mutually desired mergers or on hostile takeovers, multi-site hospitals based on consolidations institutionally enforced by health authorities.

The second category of interventions relates to the development of new design for the internal organization of the hospital, along principles of “patiend-centred” care, valued-based healthcare and clinical service lines built around multiprofessional and multuspecialty teams.

How do managers in different countries cope with these challenges? What problems faced by hospital managers world-wide? Which changes and innovative solutions are adopted? Which ones have proved successful? What developments can fit with the specific context of UAE?

Prof. Federico Lega
Professor of Health Management at University of Milan

Federico Lega is Professor of Health Management at the University of Milan. Over the last 20 years, he has been involved in projects all over Italy and abroad. He conducted numerous workshops and consulting projects with many pharma and medical devices companies, hospitals, several local health authorities, Italian Regions and health boards.

He is the author of numerous books and articles on the subject. He is Associate Editor for the journal BMC Health Service Research and Editor in Chief of the review Health Service Management Research. He is also Chair of scientific committee and President of the European Healthcare Management Association.

He was Visiting Professor in many international Universities including Hamburg University and Care Center (2013) and Zurich University (2012).

Prof. Lega earned a Degree in Economics and Business Administration and a Ph.D. in Business Administration and Management both from Bocconi University.