Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and Economics (BSc.HME)

  • Strategic objective: To produce specialized business professionals with a deep understanding of the health industry, its language and unique culture.
  • Our graduates are expected to demonstrate:
    • Ability to apply recent business knowledge, concepts and techniques to healthcare problems and issues.
    • In-depth knowledge of the health industry, the various business functions including management, marketing, finance, accounting and management information system as well as essential medical science.
    • Critical business skills including decision making, problem-solving, leadership, innovation and team building.
    • In-depth understanding of the health industry unique culture and its language.

“Both programs look very well designed, comprehensive in terms of contents, well refined in the teaching methodology, innovative in the mix between class activities and learning by doing activities. Further, it is of extreme interest that fact that both programs develop within a College of Health Economics, Policy & Healthcare Management that is strongly interconnected with a medical school.”

Prof. Federico Lega, Chair of the Scientific Committee
European Health Management Association [Link]

“I am happy to support your programme ………. I have no doubt that your intended four years Bachelor’s programme in Health Economics, Policy and Health Care Management and your subsequent Master’s degree will provide an important learning opportunity for students and generate a cohort of graduates, who will be very much sought after by employers. Health workers with skills in behavioural economics are in short supply in all the health jurisdictions………“

Professor Des Gorman, Executive Chairman of Health Workforce New Zealand
Prof. of Medicine & Former Head of the School of Medicine at the University of Auckland

Admission requirements for Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management & Economics (AY2020-21)

  1. The applicant must have completed a minimum of 12 years of school education.
  2. All applicants must complete 17 years of age on or before the 31stof December in the year of admission.
  3. The applicant must have passed any one of the following English Language Proficiency Tests with a minimum score as follow:
    • 1100 in Emirates Standardized Language Test (EmSAT)
    • 500 in TOEFL(CBT 173 -iBT 61)
    • 5.0 in IELTS for Academic
    • 36 – 44 in PTE A or equivalent in any other standardized internationally recognized test approved by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA), Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs, UAE
  1. Applicants from various educational systems must comply with the rules listed below:
CountryEducation SystemMinimum Grade requirements as per UAE Grade Equivalence for BSc.HME program

(Advanced or General Track/Stream or Abu Dhabi Education Council criteria)

Student should secure an overall minimum score of 65% in the 12thGrade.


Student holding Technical High School certificate or its equivalent should secure an overall minimum score of 70% and above in high school

IndiaIndian Central /

State Board (CBSE/ICSE)

Student should secure an overall minimum score of 45% in the 12thGrade.

Science /Commerce stream

Pakistan BangladeshPakistan Board
Bangladeshi Board
Student should secure an overall minimum score of 45% in the 12th Grade.

Science /Commerce stream

UKIGCSE/GCEStudent should have been studied

·         Minimum of‘C’ in all ‘O’ level subjects


·         ‘D’ in AS level or “E’ in A level in any of the business or science subjects

Student should have secured an overall minimum 24 points.
USAAmerican DiplomaStudent should have secured an overall minimum score of 70%.

SAT (Math) to be completed for equivalency



Student should secure an overall minimum score of 45% in the 12th Grade.



    • Applicants from any other non-UAE educational systems not listed above must have secured a minimum aggregate score equivalent to UAE 65% as per International Grade Conversion Table published by World Education System.
    • Applicants who did not cover mathematics, may register for the preparatory course offered by the University.
    • All applicants shall be evaluated for cognitive and non-cognitive traits demonstrating their aptitude for the chosen area of study by the Admissions Committee which includes Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) and personal interview.
    • Admission is finalized on competitive basis.

Semester – 1

Course CodeCourse TitleC HL HN L HPre-requisites
ENG 101English Language33
BSE 101Behavioral sciences and Ethics33
USO 101UAE Society & Cultural Diversity22
ITE 101Information Technology102
MAT 101Mathematics22
MET 102Medical Terminology11
APP 101Human Body Systems and its Disorders

(Anatomy and Pathophysiology)

Semester Total15134

C H – Credit Hours, L H – Lecture Hours, N L H – Non Lecture Hours


Semester – 2

Course CodeCourse TitleC HL HN L HPre-requisites
AHP 101Arabic for Health Professionals11
BIS 101Biostatistics322MAT 101
PML 103Principles of Management & Leadership322
HGH 104Health Systems & Global Health322
PRA 105Principles of Accounting322
PRE 106Principles of Economics322
Semester Total161110 


Semester – 3

Course CodeCourse TitleC HL HN L HPre-requisites
ICU 101Islamic Culture22
OBL 201Organizational Behavior & Leadership33PML 103
HEE 202Health Economics322PRE 106
CHP 203Communication in Health Practice212
PRM 204Principles of Marketing33
PRF 205Principles of Finance33
Semester Total16144 


 Semester – 4

Course CodeCourse TitleC HL HN L HPre-requisites
HIS 206Health Information Systems, Informatics and E-Health322
PUH 207Public Health11MET 102
REM 208Research Methodology212
CHP 209Clinical & Healthcare Practice212MET 102
MHO 210Management of Healthcare Organizations322
EPI 211Epidemiology22MET 102
HSP 212Health systems Policy33HGH 104
Semester Total16128 


Summer Term – 1 

Course CodeCourse TitleC HL HN L HPre-requisites
APP 213Apprenticeship – I  (exploring/observing sub-sector)390CHP 209


Semester – 5

Course CodeCourse TitleC HL HN L HPre-requisites
EBH 301Evidence-Based Management in Healthcare22BIS 101,

REM 208

ORH 302Outcomes Research in Health22
MAH 303Managerial Accounting for Healthcare Organizations322PRA 105
PHP 304Pharmacoeconomics and Policy22PRE 106
HRH 305Human Resource Management in Healthcare Organizations33PML 103,

OBL 201

QEH 306Quality & Excellence for Healthcare Organizations33
Semester Total15142 


Semester – 6

Course CodeCourse TitleC HL HN L HPre-requisites
ENT 307Entrepreneurship: Disruptive Innovation and New Business Models in Healthcare322PML 103, OBL 201, PRF 205, MAH 303, PRM 204
MAA 308Market Access33PRM 204
PRO 309Field Project – I204EBH 301,

CHP 209

LEH 310Law: Legal & Ethical Issues in the Healthcare Professions33
OPM 311Operation Management in the Health Industry33
One Elective22
Semester Total16136

NOTE: Students may select one course from the list of elective courses based on their area of    interest: (1) Health Economics and Policy (2) Healthcare Management.


Summer Term – 2

Course CodeCourse TitleC HL HN L HPre-requisites
APP 313Apprenticeship – II3090


Semester – 7

Course CodeCourse TitleC HL HN L HPre-requisites
MEI 401Medical Insurance22HEE 202, LEH 310
HTA 402Health Technology Assessment22HEE 202, MAA 308

PRE 106

FMH 403Financial Management in the Healthcare Organizations322PRF 205
STM 404Strategic Management, Social Responsibility, Ethics & Governance322PML 103, MAH 303, PRM 204, PRF 205,

OPM 311,

HRH 305/HIS 206

PRO 409Field Project – II204PRO 309
One Elective22
Semester Total14108

NOTE: Students may select one course from the list of elective courses based on their area of interest: (1) Health Economics and Policy (2) Healthcare Management.


Semester 8

Course CodeCourse TitleCHPre-requisite
INT 501Students must complete an internship training program during the 8th semester. Students may to select three training rotations in their area of interest; Healthcare Management or Health Economics. Successful Completion of all the courses from semester 1 to 7
Hospital Management**3
Clinic and Pharmacy Management**3
Insurance Management**3
Health Services Consulting **3
Health Economics & Policy Evaluation*3
Medical Tourism***3
Market Access***3
Health Economics*3

*Health Economics             **Both                   ***Healthcare Management


List of Electives
NOTE: Students select two courses from the list of elective courses based on their area of interest
Course CodeCourse TitleCHPre-requisites
CMB 410Claim Management and Business Relationship with Providers**2MEI 401
PRM 410Project management**2PML 103, MAH 303, OPM 311
CRM 410Customer Relationship Management***2PRM 204
HCP 410Healthcare Policy, Managing Government & Public Health Authority**2MHO 210
MCH 410Management of Change in the Healthcare Industry***2PML 103, OBL 201
MET 410Medical Tourism**2PRM 304,  MHO 210

* For Health Economics                    ** For Both          *** For Healthcare Management Resources

There are many rewarding career opportunities not only in the UAE but also on a regional and global scale for graduates of the BSc.HME as a result of the fast growing healthcare market in the UAE, GCC countries and worldwide, coupled with the acute shortage of specialized healthcare business professionals in hospitals, health authorities, pharmaceutical companies, biomedical startups, government and health organizations, financial sector, banking, medical research centers, health consulting firms, medical device companies, medical tourism as well as in international health organizations.

Career Opportunities: 

Healthcare management specialists in various areas of business and government including:

  • Health Operations Manager
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Pharmaceutical Product Manager
  • Marketing Executive
  • Finance Manager in Health Industry
  • Health Policy Advisor and Strategist
  • Healthcare Management Information Systems Advisor