Dr. Walid Shaaban Moustafa Elsayed

Associate Dean Academics
Associate Professor of Oral Histopathology

PhD (Oral Biology) – Leeds University, UK

Dr. Walid was awarded his bachelor’s degree in dental medicine and Surgery from the Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University, Egypt, in 1996.  He completed the master’s degree in Oral Biology and Oral Pathology at Suez Canal University on 2004.

Dr. Walid has been awarded his PhD thesis at 2011 from Leeds University (UK). This period of research training has successfully focused on the identification of new genes important for enamel biomineralisation and characterization of the Ultrastructural enamel defects.

Dr. Walid`s big achievement was discovering mutations in WDR72 gene that disrupt enamel formation and result in hypomaturation Amelogenesis Imperfecta (AI). This was reported in the American Journal of Human Genetics and opened a new area of research in biomineralisation.  In addition to that, he contributed to the discovery of CNNM4, GPR68 and C4orf26 genes as the cause for amelogenesis imperfecta, which were reported in the American Journal of Human Genetics.

Dr. Walid is working now in the field of the cancer and hypoxia interested in genetic heterogeneity induced by hypoxia and its implications in tumor immunogenicity and immune evasion strategies adapted by cancer cells.