Dr. Walid Shaaban Moustafa Elsayed

Associate Professor of Oral Biology


  • Diploma in Medical Education- Gulf Medical University- awarded 2015
  • Ph.D. – The University of Leeds – awarded 2011.
  • Master Degree in Dental Science approved 2004.
  • Bachelor of Dental Medicine and Surgery approved (1996)

Area of interest

  • Dr. Walid is an assistant professor in Gulf Medical University who istrained in dentistry and molecular medicine-based research. His area of interest includes;
    • Gene identification of inherited Dento-Skeletal abnormalities
    • Dental hard tissues
    • Tooth development
    • Ozone Therapy
  • Dr. Walid work has led to major findings in dental field including identification of some novel genes causing amelogenesis imperfect which are WDR72, CNNM4, C4orf26, and GPR68.