Student Happiness Center



The Student Happiness Center College of Dentistry (SHC COD) was established in order to improve the quality of the student’s experience at College of Dentistry.  The heart of SHC is to cultivate a welcoming environment that supports student success. Members of SHC COD help to reduce the difficulties faced by students by supporting, advising and answering their queries and questions directly. If the center is unable to answer a student’s query, the center will direct the student to the relevant person.


  1. Diversity and Inclusion
  2. Academic Concerns
  3. Healthcare Related Matters
  4. Services For Students of Determination
  5. Personal / Psychological issues
  6. Financial Aid or Guidance
  7. COVID-19 Protocols


  • Student Voice: [link]
  • For reporting COVID cases, please use the following online system: [Link]
  • For suggestions/requests, please use the following online system: [link]
  • For complaints, please use the following online system: [link]
  • Members of the Student Happiness Center will follow up on your suggestions/requests/complaints.
  • You will receive emails with any update on the status of your suggestions/requests/complaints.

For communications with Students Happiness Center – College of Dentistry


Tel: +971 6 7431333, Ext. 1322


Mentorship [link]

Dr. Heba Mohamed Abdelaal

Director of Students Happiness Center College of Dentistry
Mentorship and academic advising program director
Assistant professor of Operative dentistry

Dr. Pooja Narain Adtani

Chairperson, Department of Basic Medical and Dental Sciences
Assistant Professor of Oral Pathology


Dr. Sabrin Ali Azim

Associate Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Mr. Pradeep John Ekka

Executive secretary Dean’s Office