The College of Dentistry at Gulf Medical University has been providing high-quality dental education since its establishment in 2008. The institutions faculty and staff are devoted to academia, professional development, research, and community service, and offer diverse programs to support students in achieving academic excellence.

The Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) program is fully accredited by the Ministry of Education, UAE. The program competencies are aligned with the competency framework of UAE graduates and inspired by the Australian professional competencies of the newly qualified dental practitioners. The program is built on a competency-based framework that emphasizes the achievement of specific outcomes through an integrated and immersive learning experience. The program offers pre-clinical training in a cutting-edge dental stimulation laboratory that utilizes the latest technology to provide students with a realistic and practical experience. Students are provided with hands-on clinical training opportunities at the JCI-accredited Thumbay Dental Hospitals, which provides exposure to a wide variety of real-life clinical situations. Additionally, students have the option to undertake elective training within the country or abroad, which provide them with further opportunities to expand their knowledge and gain experience.

The college additionally provides a one-year internship program for GMU and non-GMU graduates, specifically tailored to offer maximum clinical exposure to dental students in the region, to further refine their skills and abilities.

Furthermore, the Master of Dental Surgery programs (M.D.S) in Endodontics and Periodontics are intensive three years residency programs that blends theory, clinical and research-based learning. Students in this program have the opportunity to develop into their chosen field of study, undertaking rigorous research and scholarly activities. The M.D.S program culminates in the awarding of a Master’s degree in either endodontics and periodontics, representing the successful completion of the program.

Throughout their postgraduate study, students are supported by a team of dedicated and experienced faculty members who offer guidance and mentorship. The personalized approach ensures that students receive the support and resources needed to achieve success in their academic and professional pursuits.