Established since 2008, College of Dentistry offers three programs; Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) program, internship program and Master of Dental Surgery (M.D.S) program in Endodontics and Periodontics. Our team comprises of faculty and staff who are dedicated towards academia, professional development, research, and community service. They are committed to provide student-centered instructions to help students in achieving academic excellence.

The Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) is an undergraduate competency-based program, fully accredited by the Ministry of Education, UAE. The standards and program goals are aligned with those identified by American Dental Association (ADA) and Associate of Dental Education in Europe (ADEE). The competency-based curriculum focuses on achieving the required outcomes through an integrated learning experience.

Pre-clinical training is offered in a state of art dental simulation laboratory and the clinical training is offered in a JCI accredited Thumbay Dental Hospital. Students can choose to undertake elective training within the country and across the globe to widen their experience. There are three branches of Thumbay Dental Hospital located in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman.

The college also offers a one-year internship program for GMU and non- GMU graduates. This program is tailored to provide the maximum clinical exposure to the dental students in the region.

Master’s Program in endodontics or periodontics is a three years residency program that involves a research component leading to a master degree in endodontics or periodontics. The post graduate students will receive exceptional guidance by dedicated faculty to undertake research and other scholarly activities in their specialty. The program is designed to explore the maximum intellectual and creative potential of the students, while providing ample opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skill.

The college is in collaboration with reputed and prestigious international universities like Tokyo Medical and Dental University in Japan, Kiehl University in Germany, Saveetha Institute of Medical & Technical Sciences in India, San Raffaele Dental School in Italy, British University and Ain Shams University in Egypt.