Course Counselling

Academic Advising

The college has introduced student counseling services and career counseling. Students may approach the Office of the Dean Student Affairs and Counseling center for details. The Student Welfare Committee for student counseling is assisted by a clinical psychologist and a psychiatrist. The members of the counseling team are required vigilant to identify situations that require psychological support and in addition, respond to requests by students for counseling.

Mentorship Program

The main goal of the mentorship program is to provide continuous academic advising to all BDS students, help them to overcome the academic stress, show progress and ultimately succeed in the dental school.

All the BDS students participate in the mentorship program as mentees. In the subsequent years of the program, mentoring is done on a case-to-case basis as required. Year coordinators identify students needing mentorship. The mentors are academic faculty members willing to participate in the program. The main role of mentors is to guide the students in achieving academic success and personal well-being. They help the mentees in setting goals, identifying obstacles, constructing a plan of action, monitoring and evaluating academic progress. They also guide the mentees to university resources that will help achieve the goals. The mentors, thus, acts as a facilitator, role model, and counselor.

We have adopted the GROW Model for Mentoring. The GROW model provides a practical framework to help the mentee to set goals and move towards them.


Career Counselling

Career counseling is a process designed to help anyone especially the students in final years and fresh graduates to make the appropriate choices in shaping their future by developing a successful career. It is a lifelong process which will change your outlook on your life and enable you to see the strength in yourself.


  • To discover who are you and what you want out of your education and your life
  • To provide you with the needed skills and knowledge to make right decisions throughout your life.
  • To share your thoughts, concerns and ideas about your career choices
  • To have a clear plan about your postgraduate studies choices and places
  • To highlight the important factors that are positively influencing your career development
  • To facilitate locating career information resources

Who will benefit?

  • BDS students
  • Dental Interns
  • Fresh dental graduates

Learning outcomes:

  • Be able to build their career development in a correct sequence
  • Be able to make the right choices in their career
  • Be able to select the appropriate postgraduate studies in certain dental specialty
  • Determine the next steps in a plan that you will develop to ensure you achieve your goals.