University Resources

Information & Learning Centre

The Information and Learning Centre provides year-round reference and information services and assists students in the development of effective search strategies. Staff members at the learning centre assist students in identifying new and additional resources, confirming citations and providing instructions on how to use online databases and search engines.


The library at the GMU campus is located on the first floor of the Information and Learning Center. Library materials are circulated to faculty members, staff and the students for periods according to the circulation policy.
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Internet Services

The information and learning centre provides Internet facilities for all users. Search can be carried out freely by individual users or with the help of librarian. Users can print their search results or e-mail them to their accounts.

Photocopy Services

Photocopy services are provided at a nominal charge of one dirham for 10 pages. The information and learning centre abides by national and international copyright laws in force.
The collections in the Learning Centre include:

  • Text books & reference books
  • Periodicals (Including online journals)
  • Electronic Databases
  • Videos
  • CD-ROMs


The Computer Center located on the ground floor of the Information and Learning Center of Gulf Medical University provides a base for the technology infrastructure of GMU as well as for academic activities.
The center includes the provision for networks, intra-GMU links and appropriate hardware and software for administration and academic needs.

Online Resources

GMU has an online e-learning facility to enhance the learning process and help students improve their knowledge by offering additional instructional material. It allows students to access the facility from the campus as well as hostels and residences. The Center focuses on the creation of an environment where all students, faculty and staff will have easy access to information resources by providing innovative technologies and learning resources.

Network Infrastructure

The Local Area Network Infrastructure encompasses all academic offices, the lecture halls, laboratories and administrative and faculty offices. The network provides high bandwidth servicing data, voice & video, and is connected to the Internet through two DSL and one leased line Etisalat services.

All GMU students shall be provided individual accounts so that they can access the system to obtain current information on all academic matters, access online learning materials and tools, use discussion forums and interact with faculty. Users can also use the Web mail to access their e-mail through the Internet. The video conferencing facilities enable video meetings and distance learning.

E-Learning at GMU

The GMU e-learning has an effective system that caters to self-paced personal learning through resources available over the Internet and Intranet. The University has campus-wide Wi-Fi services to facilitate e-learning practices. Computers with Internet access have been provided in addition at all clinical training sites, in the library, student common rooms and residence halls.

The Gulf Medical University uses the Moodle as an open source e-learning platform. Students are provided instructions on the proper use of the e-learning medium. They can access the e-learning system at any location of their choice, since the system is completely online. All the GMU students are provided individual accounts consisting of a unique log-in ID and a password. They can access the system to obtain current information on all academic matters, access online learning materials and tools, use discussion forums, interact with faculty, view notices and announcements etc. It also serves as a tool for linking the various training sites for the GMU students.

Health Services

As part of the registration procedures, every student must enroll in one of the two health insurance plans. Plan – I is compulsory for all GMU sponsored students. Plan II is compulsory for others who are officially enrolled in health insurance plans with their families.

A First Aid Room is available in the GMU campus. All GMU students are eligible for medical treatment in the Thumbay Hospitals. The Office of Medical Education located in the hospital coordinates admission / investigations and treatment of students.
Students shall be informed regarding the benefits of immunization and testing for communicable diseases and encouraged to undertake appropriate immunizations and tests.

To be eligible for living in student residence facilities, evidence must be provided of immunization or testing as specified below against the following diseases:

  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Rubella
  • Diphtheria and Tetanus
  • Tuberculosis

Career Support Services

The Career Support Services Office provides resources to assist students and alumni in many areas of career planning and job search. The Career Support Services Office offers a variety of services and can help students develop practical skills that will be beneficial before and after graduation including:

Formal and informal career counseling and professional advice
Specially tailored workshops to prepare students for the transition from GMU life to gainful employment as productive, contributing members of the health care team
Assistance with CV preparation and the job seeking process.

Public Relations Department

The office of the Public Relations and Marketing manager is responsible for advancing the understanding and support of the University among prospective students, alumni, parents, friends, corporations, foundations, government agencies and the general public and oversees marketing, development, public relations, communications, college relations, government relations, publications, and special events.

Teaching & Learning Centre

The Center for Continuing and Distance Education is responsible for University programs offered as short term courses in the campus or by distance education via interactive television and web-based media. It also provides educational opportunities to medical and health professionals at convenient times and places and develops dynamic health workforce development curricula to meet the short-term training needs of health care workers wishing to upgrade job skill levels.

The Institutional Research Office

The Office of the Director of Institutional Research and Planning is responsible for advising, facilitating and monitoring the program of institutional effectiveness at GMU. The results of the institutional research shall help in evaluating the effectiveness of the strategic policies of the University.