Services for Students of Determination


GMU works in compliance with the UAE National Policy for Empowering People with Disabilities to protect and prioritize the needs and rights of the ‘people of determination’.

GMU has provided access to designated parking spaces for people of determination. Other facilities made available for people of determination include Elevators, Ramps, Rest Rooms, Wheel Chairs, etc.

Available Support Services

Gulf Medical University and its staff will:

  1. Ensure that campus facilities are accessible for all students of determination.
  2. Liaise with all university departments to ensure easy access for Students of Determination to all available services.
  3. Conduct periodic one-to-one meetings for each Student of Determination with his/her mentor, to provide the needed support.
  4. Provide psychological support through the College Student Happiness Center.
  5. Provide special discounts in Thumbay Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center.
  6. Assist in arranging any needed course, classroom, and testing adjustments.
  7. Arrange for students with disabilities to grant them extra-time in case the disability affects their progress rate in the exam.