Student Happiness Center


Student Happiness Center College of Health Sciences (SHC-CoHS) ensures provision of additional services to all the students at the college to have equal access to educational and non-academic related facilities. The center provides accurate and reliable information to the students for their queries, advices for academic and non-academic issues, guidance for wellness, educational and mental health counselling, handling complaints giving right solutions to their problems or referrals to address any type of concerns. Students can either directly approach the SHC faculty coordinators or share their concerns through SHC online platform which will be effectively addressed by the college within the stipulated time. The aim of the center includes identifying students’ difficulties and challenges that they face during their study period and lend support for availing career related services in its best possible manner. Apart from faculty coordinators, members from student group are selected to facilitate peer support among them. In addition, center will direct the students to the relevant unit/department for optimal solutions if necessary. It is the responsibility of the center to update the students with status of the issues addressed and the effectiveness of the system will be consistently assessed using appropriate performance indicators (KPIs at college level) such as number of complaints received, number complaints solved, average time taken to solve the issues etc. As part of closing the loop, action plans will be derived based on the values of relevant KPIs and action taken reports will be submitted for further improvement of the system.


To be a point of contact for academic and non-academic concerns by providing a supportive environment for students to lead a productive and successful life.


  1. Academic Concerns
  2. Healthcare Related Matters
  3. COVID-19 Protocols
  4. Personal / Psychological issues
  5. Financial Aid
  6. Guidance Diversity and Inclusion
  7. Students of Determination


Complaints Handling:

Students can use the following online complaint system to submit their complaints/concerns ( SHC coordinators will address the concerns/issues on regular basis.

Quality Improvement

Student can use the following link to add their Suggestions/Requests for Quality Improvement

For communications with Students Happiness Center – College of Health Sciences


Tel:  +971 6 7431333, Ext. 1638


Dr. Sara Mohammed Ali

Assistant Professor, Microbiology & Molecular Biology
Medical Laboratory Sciences Program

Ms. Sivapriya Ramakrishnan

Lecturer Physiotherapy Program (PT)

Ms. Anood Abdul Hamid

Clinical Preceptor – MIS program (MIS)

Mr. Ghazi Gasmalla Mohamed

Lecturer in Anesthesia Technology

Mr. Khalid Ahmed

Clinical Preceptor
Medical Laboratory Sciences program (MLS)

Mr. Shine P Kurian

Executive Secretary