Dr. Ramprasad Muthukrishnan

Associate Professor
Chairperson, Department of Physiotherapy
MPT- Program Director

Dr. Prasad was a Post-Doctoral Fellow of prestigious DST-CSI- Cognitive Science and received training in translational neuroscience at Capital Medical University, Beijing. He received over 4 million INR worth of research grants and conducts randomized controlled trials on physiotherapy, back-care and education. His research works received media focus to name a few; TOI[link], DNA[link] and HP[link]. He has worked in various capacities such as clinical head, a member in clinical audit, library, media, the board of studies, academic council, research, assessment committees and team physio for national and international tournaments. He communicated numerous research papers, presented at conferences and contributed as a resource person. He is an 2019th cohort annual internal research grant winner and received an excellent scientific paper award 2019 for his RCT on extracorporeal shockwave therapy on frozen diabetic shoulder from The Society of Physical Therapy Science, Japan.


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy from The TN Dr. MGR Medical University in 1998.
  • Master in Sports Physiotherapy from Guru Nanak Dev University in 2002.
  • Ph.D. in Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy from Guru Nanak Dev University in 2011.
  • Graduate Diploma in Health Professions Education from Gulf Medical University in 2014.
  • Certificate in interprofessional Education from the University of British Columbia in 2016.
  • Certificate in Problem based learning from Maastricht University in 2017. 

Areas of interest

  • Pain, back and postural control rehabilitation
  • Evidence-based practice and education
  • Executive function in preschoolers and play
  • Creating dynamic curriculum and critical pedagogy
  • Randomized controlled trials

Selected publications

  • D.R. Watson Arulsingh, Praveen Kumar Kandakurthi, Ramprasad Muthukrishnan, Sukumar Shanmugam,“Effectiveness of neural mobilisation combined with postural correction exercises in a patient with lateral knee pain’’- A Case report, Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, 2021,ISSN 1360-8592. [link]
  • Muthukrishnan, Ramprasad, and Jawairiya Maqbool Ahmad. “Ergonomic risk factors and risk exposure level of nursing tasks: association with work-related musculoskeletal disorders in nurses.” European Journal of Physiotherapy (2020): 1-6. [link]
  • Muthukrishnan, Ramprasad, Ayesha Abdul Rashid, and Fatma Al-Alkharji. “The effectiveness of extracorporeal shockwave therapy for frozen shoulder in patients with diabetes: randomized control trial.” Journal of Physical Therapy Science 31.7 (2019): 493-497. (Excellent Paper Award 2019 by The Society of Physical Therapy Science, Japan). [link]
  • Rajasekar, Sannasi, Ajay Kumar, Jignesh Patel, Muthukrishnan Ramprasad, and Asir John Samuel. “Does kinesio taping correct exaggerated dynamic knee valgus? A randomized double blinded sham-controlled trial.” Journal of bodywork and movement therapies 22, no. 3 (2018): 727-732. [link]
  • lle TM, Muthukrishnan R, Ille ME. Integrating medical biostatistics into postgraduate medical curriculum. National Medical Journal of India 2017;30:212-4. [link]
  • S Rajasekar, A Kumar, J Patel, M Ramprasad, AJ Samuel. Does Kinesio taping correct exaggerated dynamic knee valgus? A randomized double blinded sham-controlled trial. The Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies. 2017, (in press).  [link]
  • A Fatima, R Muthukrishanan, AS Bhatia, A Sulimierski, M Monterio, P Kumar. Functional Outcomes Of Augmented Physiotherapy Program After Spine Surgeries In Patients With Spondylolisthesis: A Case Series. GMJ. 8th Annual Scientific Meeting Oral Proceedings 2016. Gulf Medical Journal 5 (S1), S99-S108. [link]
  • Muthukrishnan R, Ille T, Kumar S. The ABCs of EBP: opportunities and challenges for evidence-based practice education in developing countries. The Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice. 2016 Apr 07;14(2), Article 7. [link]