Student Newsletter – Melange

The Student Newsletter, Melange was first published in  September 2017, and it has been running for four consecutive years since then.

The newsletter committee is formed by students from all majors and years, and it aims to publish at least two newsletter issues per semester, and four newsletter issues per academic year. It is a committee of around 12 to 15 students. In the beginning of each year, the committee recruits new members who are willing to contribute ideas or write articles to make each issue even better than the last! The Editor in Chief combines all the submissions by the students and reviews with the Student Affairs Department. Melange aims to promote all the exciting events taking place around the university, interview students about their university or extracurricular activities, as well as have a debate or share articles about the healthcare professions, this way not only are the members of this committee involved in the newsletter but the rest of the GMU students are too!