Student Activities

Ramadan Calendar 2021

  • Week of Giving
  • Week of Wisdom
  • Week of Devotion
  • Quran Competition Week

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Virtual Global Day 2021

  • National Attire
  • Singing and Dancing Performance
  • Speech / Poem / Storytelling
  • Arts: Drawing, Sketching, Painting, Calligraphy, Handcrafts and Embroidery
  • National Food Presentation

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GMU Annual Sports Festival

Various sports activities taking place throughout the year in the university campus in which there is the participation of students & staff of different colleges of the university. In spite of the busy academic programs of the colleges, every effort is made by the University Sports Committee to engage the students in different extracurricular activities. This is done keeping in view the philosophy of the Gulf Medical University ‘Healthy Body for a Healthy Mind’.

A week-long Annual Sports Festival is conducted in the month of March in which the students from different colleges & universities from all-over the UAE participate & vying for the top positions in tournaments like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Tennis, Throw ball, Volleyball, Squash & Swimming. The first Inter-Universities Sports Festival was held in March 2002 & till- date, fourteen festivals have been conducted successfully.

Global Day

Global Day is GMU’s way of bringing together students, faculty, staff and their families to celebrate ‘Unity in Diversity’.

The GMU campus gleamed with a variety of hues as the students, who hail from as many as 73 nationalities, were dressed in their respective traditional attires. Students also performed on stage, entertaining the audience with some great displays of talent. Individual and combined country pavilions were set-up at the venue presenting their national heritage and treating visitors to some of their mouthwatering ethnic food. Various competitions were held, such as selection of the best pavilion, food, hospitality, teamwork, country performances (dancing and singing), as well as talent and fashion shows.

White Coat Ceremony

Gulf Medical University formally opens its doors to new students of the academic year by initiating them into their respective medical courses at the White Coat Ceremony. New Students are administered the GMU Honor Code, and they don the white coats in the ceremony. The function is held in the presence of a gathering of faculty, and families of the new students.

Martyr’s Day Commemoration

Students put up posters remembering the Martyrs and their services to the country.

National Day Celebrations

Emirati Students celebrate the Day by Cake cutting, distribution of dishes unique to Local Culture, and depict the conduction of an Emirati marriage.

Literary Activities

Students participate in Debates, Public Speaking Competition, Medical and General Knowledge Quiz in various universities within UAE. Intra collegiate quiz is also held among students of the various Programs in GMU.

Quran Reading Competition

This is conducted within the campus, and the event is judged by a religious head from Masjid. [View Gallery]


Student Volunteers at the International Conference of Quality Measurement in Health Professions Education


Diwali at GMU