HR Vision & Mission

Vision: To be the employer of choice for those committed to building the future through education.

Mission: To advance world-class Human Resource practices and build a culture of growth across the university to attract, develop, reward and retain top talent in education.

Human Resources supports the University’s mission through strategic, innovative, and flexible policies, practices, programs, and services that:

  • Attract, develop, reward and retain a diverse and talented workforce
  • Foster a productive work environment where people feel valued
  • Serve as Leaders of Change and implement technological advancements
  • Are fair, ethical and legally compliant

Our values aims to support organizational integration while creating a sense of belonging.

Excellence:  Provide stakeholders with a consistently high level of service through continuous benchmarking of operations and realigning of processes.

Trust: Ensure trust and respect for organization success through open communication, dialogue and delegation of responsibilities.

Knowledge: Interact closely with stakeholders by creating and sharing knowledge that adds value and is relevant.

Innovation:  Pursue innovation so as to harness cutting edge technology, using insights to invent a better future that makes healthcare education serve fairly, productively and consistently.

Integrity:  Ensure the highest levels of personal and institutional ethics and integrity, make honest commitments and work to consistently honor them.

Caring: Care about the professional, emotional and physical wellness of all employees.

The Human Resources department contributes to achieve the Strategic Goals of the University by:

  • Strengthening leadership and management capabilities by participating in Strategic Planning & Development
  • Ensure timely Hiring & smooth Onboarding
  • Enhancing the quality of the employee experience
  • Improving the quality of HR services throughout the community
  • Ensure consistent data availability for faster, more informed decision-making and improved service levels.
  • Ensure Compliance with Labor Laws
  • Ensure Performance based Development and Reward system for all faculty and staff