Guiding Principles

  1. GMU’s major goal is to create harmonious professional relationships within the University. This is carried out through engaging with employees, and encouraging employees to engage with each other, in a way that is respectful, well considered, open, transparent and always lawful. GMU has implemented a Code of Conduct and a number of policies and procedures to ensure that this goal is achieved.
  2. All employees are responsible for developing and maintaining strong relationships with the GMU stakeholders. It is therefore expected that employees always behave in a manner consistent with this Policy and to follow a reasonable and lawful directions.
  3. Line Managers are expected to actively participate in the resolution of disputes and grievances regarding the conduct of employees. (Please refer Grievance Redressal Policy)

GMU is convinced that competent employees are vital to its long-term success. The diversity of employees and cultures enables all stakeholders to gain great experience. Employees with the willingness to perform find both challenging and attractive work.

We hire our own Alumni. (Please refer Recruitment Policy)

GMU nurtures the talent by offering all employees fair opportunities for learning and development. (Please refer Professional Development Policy for Faculty & Staff)

GMU faculty and staff play a critical role in the academic success of our students and the reputation of the University. The smooth transition into the local community and campus is one of our principle goals.

HR ensures smooth onboarding of the employee by effective planning and coordination for visa, flights, accommodation and pick-up/ drop. (Please refer Marhaba, GMU! – The Employee Guide Book)

Once landed in the country, HR takes care of the visa stamping, medical fitness etc. along with other regulatory requirements within the stipulated timeline. HR also takes care of the license process for the faculty with Clinical Duties.

GMU Employees are our most important assets. We recognize that sound and effective Employee Relations are an integral part of the success of GMU’s operations. We are therefore committed to building strong relationships with Our People which are based on trust and mutual respect.

GMU accepts its corporate social responsibility for protecting its workforce and the environment. All activities of GMU act responsibly towards sustainable business practices.

GMU is committed to protecting the health and safety of employees, their physical and mental health, satisfaction, productivity, and safe conditions for work. As an employee working in Healthcare Facilities is always prone to contact with patients and patients’ infective material, they are at risk for exposure to and possible transmission of vaccine-preventable diseases.

GMU considers health and safety to be vital prerequisites for organizational success; they play an important role towards employee satisfaction, well-being, quality of work, corporate culture, but also cost-efficiency.

Protecting the lives and physical safety of employees has priority over economic considerations.

Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) is provided for the employees when working in healthcare facilities. Employees must use personal protective clothing/equipment whenever necessary to prevent the transmission of an infection and to prevent exposure to hazard.

Emergency/ Disaster Plans are in place for all facilities. Employees are regularly trained on the Healthcare facility policies and procedures. (Please refer to Employee’s Health & Safety Policy)

Pregnant Female Employees are restricted to work in Radiation Hazard Areas. (Please refer Radiation Safety & Protection Policy of our Hospitals)

GMU continuously works to improve health and safety include employees actively in all Health & Safety Programs. We aim to implement a modern management system to ensure that employees’ health and safety are top priority.

Application of remuneration systems for our employees that are both motivating and geared to local market conditions is a major success factor for our University.

It is of particular importance that we acknowledge, reward and recognize people for outstanding performance (Please refer People Happiness policy).

For all employees grading ladders are set in the GMU Grading Structure Framework, based on the local markets, besides the university needs (Please refer Compensation & Benefits policy).

Technological developments and radical elevations are changing the way we organize our work. Work has to be organized in a way that accommodates the University’s interest in the flexible, efficient deployment of our faculty and staff. At the same time, work has to meet the employees’ needs for greater autonomy and control over how they use their time.

We aim to be international leaders for connected life and work. As a consequence of our vision and as part of our effort to promote diversity within our workforce, we support our employees in maintaining a healthy balance between work and family life. (Please refer the Work from Home policy)

Nursing female employees have reduced working hours (1 hour less) for 18 months from the date of rejoining after maternity leave.

Our Guiding Principle “Best place to perform and grow” is binding for all Leaders and employees and requires a common sense of leadership understanding throughout the GMU. This is the only way to motivate employees to make GMU the Most Highly Regarded University.

Leaders act as role models for our Guiding Principles and make this vision reality for our University. We expect our leaders to set up challenging, but also realistic targets, while motivating us to strive for their achievement. The motivation of teams is of major importance as performance and success in teams is more than the sum of results of the individual. (Please refer the Performance Management Policy)

International focus, Group-wide networking and implementation of the “One Organization” concept are key characteristics and skills that we require from our leaders. With the support of a broad training portfolio, we expect our leaders to reflect and further advance their leadership skills on a high level.

Led by the major transformation of Healthcare Systems globally and regionally towards greater accountability for quality and efficiency, the Gulf Medical University Board of Trustees and Board of Governors in their meeting in February 2017 approved the establishment of the “GMU Academic Health System” and developed the Executive Board of the Gulf Medical University – Academic Health System [GMU -AHS]. The Gulf Medical University – Academic Health System Executive Board’s mandate is to integrate the GMU triple mission of health professions education, research and clinical care at all levels.

Teaching and imparting clinical training to students is an integral part of the responsibilities alongside patient care for all healthcare professionals recruited to Thumbay Healthcare Division. Appropriate and adequate qualification, training and licensing for Medical & Paramedical staff is critical for patient care and imparting quality education.



Implementation of our Guiding Principle “Respect and integrity guide our behavior” requires all our employees and Leaders to show mutual respect, acknowledgement and appreciation in their dealings with each other. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment or mobbing and are expressly committed to promoting equal opportunities and diversity in the workforce, taking the cultural and legal particularities of individual countries into account. (Please refer Human Rights Policy, Diversity & Inclusion Policy & Disciplinary Policy)

Employee engagement also encompasses communication. We aim to establish and sustain a working environment in the GMU, which is characterized by an open communication and feedback culture. To communicate means to us more than just to inform. It means also to listen and to engage in dialogue. (Please refer External Communication Policy)

We believe that our best solutions result from great teamwork. We therefore encourage our employees to communicate openly through various channels, such as employee meetings and dialog, town hall meetings and different surveys, as key components of our feedback culture. On this basis we aim to achieve a climate that promotes enjoyment at work and enables our employees to voice their opinions openly and objectively, without fear of reprisal or intimidation. (Please refer Internal Communication Policy)

The main goal of HR department is to assist the employees and address their queries so that the employees can focus on performing their jobs at optimum level.

All policies are designed to give clarity on the functioning of GMU – HR.

All employees are provided with their Job descriptions and are expected to revert in case of any support required to perform the said tasks.

The HR Team can be contacted anytime through Telephones/ Emails. Currently, We are working on improving our functions by bringing in Solutions such as Helpdesk and Online ticketing to provide timely solutions.

Employees Visa, License, its Renewals are an integral process of HR function and are carried out within the TAT.

Employee documents such as Employment Certificate, Salary Certificate, Tenancy Certificate, Salary Transfer Certificate shall be issued to the employees upon request.

No objection letter for Driving License can be requested by the employees upon receipt of their Emirates ID.

All HR functions have a TAT and employees can escalate their queries in case they are not met as per the stipulated TAT.