Scope of Responsibilities


  • Develop and Implementing Yearly Communications and Marketing Strategy
  • Propose budgets to Carry out Communications & Marketing Strategy
  • Ensuring strategic plans are implemented to comply with the university objectives, media protocols & GMU brand identity

Internal & External

  • Ensuring that external communications to prospective clients, customers and students is ethical, professional, progressive, nondiscriminatory and accurate & is always authorized and professionally handled through the university-approved channels of
  • Manage media and public relations of the university in dealing with internal and external stakeholders. The department accounts to the Office of the Chancellor & is responsible in managing all GMU media outlet, such as the print and electronic publications, media briefings, speeches, brochures, promotions, and the collating of all relevant
  • Media communications: including distributing news releases and responding to media inquiries, overseeing the planning for news conferences, including selecting the site for an event, arranging for banners and other graphics to be displayed at the event, preparing packets of information to distribute to the media in accordance with our marketing & branding guidelines and Chancellors’ pre-approval. Also monitoring newspapers, television news broadcasts and other
  • Effectively engaging the university stakeholders and the public on all the social media platforms by posting and updating news about its activities, events, and announcement in a respectful and explicit
  • Student & public relations: responding to inquiries from the public on the website and social media platforms in accordance with GMU
  • Equally responsible in ensuring GMU brand awareness, information accessibility & accuracy across all colleges and divisions, this is addressed via the centralization and streamlining of the content development through the department prior to the chancellors’
  • Introducing a clear process through which public information is reviewed, approved, and published, allowing individual colleges & divisions to be the content owner of their respective data on the university website & portals, however, the communication department supervise this process periodically via the established website & social media committee; which have representing members from all GMU colleges, and who are responsible in the continuous enhancement of the website & social media platforms information, quality &

Marketing and Branding

  • Ensuring that the marketing and Branding of all GMU products and services is undertaken in a professional manner and maintains the integrity and reputation of the industry in compliance with Ministry of Education (MoE) guidelines & pre-approvals.
  • Supports the use of social media Marketing by its colleges & departments as part of their official duties to connect and engage with students, parents, alumni, and other stakeholders whilst providing the parameters to protect and enhance GMU vision & reputation via periodically meeting & reviewing content &
  • Create & Update Marketing & Events Calendar on a Yearly
  • Support & Plan events related to student recruitment and Conduct relevant seminar webinar for marketing the

Support Services

  • Creating copy-written and branded content, artwork, photos, and videos for a wide range of activities & initiatives in collaboration with the university colleges & departments and in accordance with preapprovals of Deans
  • Provide professional Audio,video and photo shoot of all GMU colleges, departments, and events via pre bookings and the production of edited videos and photos through preapproval
  • Support in publishing Students New letter Mélange and other required web new letters.