Physiotherapy Students Participate in Free Camp

Physiotherapy students of CoHS, GMU actively participated in the free physiotherapy camp for UAE residents organized by Thumbay Physical therapy Rehabilitation Hospital in collaboration with Thumbay University Hospital on 19th September 2022.

The main focus of this camp is to create health awareness to the public and address the community needs.


This camp offered free Physical Therapist consultations, free physiotherapy sessions, Digital Spine Analysis and ‘Risk of Fall Assessment and Fall Prevention’ program for the elderly, as well as 40% discount on all treatments.

Physiotherapy interns, final and second year physiotherapy students voluntarily participated and assisted the senior physiotherapists in the delivery of patient care. Our students and trainees dedicatedly handled patients with a variety of problems and involved in segregating the visitors according to conditions, provided free physiotherapy advice, and taught specific exercises to the needed people. It was a fruitful field experience for the students to acquire knowledge in relation to community care.