State of the Art Facilities

State of the Art Facilities:

GMU has commissioned the state of the art testing center in the month of June 2012 with all the infrastructure required to conduct online testing and reporting for all academic programs.

GMU has entered into a license agreement with Examsoft Worldwide Inc (USA) for use of the examination management software system. Necessary training and orientation of faculty and students have been provided by the ExamSoft. With the application of Examsoft software, it would be possible to enter items, create item banking, administer test, generate scores and reports.

The physical space is sufficient to accommodate 100 students to take on line testing at a time. The technology resources that have been provided include 100 desk top computers with internet facility and adequate number of CCTV cameras in each testing halls.

The testing center has a data processing room where post test analysis of scores could be done. The test takers scores are generated soon after the test is over. The reports include raw scores, mean, median, standard deviation, SEM, item difficulty index, point bi-serial correlation coefficient and KR reliability index. There is also a central valuation room for the examiners to value paper based tests.

The use of examination management software system and implementation of online examination can enhance the quality of the services and maintain high standards

GMU Testing center can also serve as an educational Testing service provider for the UAE.