Director’s Message

It gives me great pleasure in welcoming you to our newly created center, it might be the first of its kind in an Academic University, created to fill the gap in knowledge about Humanitarian activities, its principal, and rule that govern its work.

Medics, nurses, and other allied health workers considered the closest profession to humanitarian work, most leaders in Humanitarian agencies have a health-related background, while most of the curriculum of medical and allied health school has few or limited information about it, the creation of this center is to fill this gap of knowledge, and to provide training in essential required skills.

Guided by the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between Gulf Medical University (GMU) and International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent (IFRC) our aim is to introduce Humanitarian Fundamental Principles and engagement of medical students and University staff in Humanitarian action, this will be done by selecting and Coordinating essential training courses that will lead to certification, which ultimately will equip and prepare our students, faculty and staff to take responsibilities in this field.

Our work will focus on three key areas including training, certification, and Organisation and implementation of Humanitarian projects locally and internationally, and to Contribute and serve our community as part of our social responsibilities, after identifying the most vulnerable group within our community to provide free or reduce cost services for them.

The long-term goal is that our graduates will have the desire for volunteerism and willingness to support their community and provide their service with consideration of human respect and dignity for their patients and all people around them.

Prof. Fawzi Amin

Director, Humanitarian Education Center
Gulf Medical University