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Sunday–Thursday: 8.00 am – 10.00 pm
 Saturday: 8.30 am – 6.00 pm
 Friday Holiday

* Holidays & Vacations Please refer to the student’s catalogue.

Phone:  +971 6 7431333, Extenshion: 1221

Library Conduct Policy:

  • GMC Library shall henceforth be known as GMCA Information and Learning Center.
  • The students, faculty and staff of GMCA can utilize the services of the Center.
  • The working hours of the Center will be:8.30 – 8.00 pm hrs on all working days of the weeks except Saturdays when the hours of working will be 8.30 to 2.00 pm hrs. The closing time shall be extended up to 21.00 hrs whenever examinations are conducted.
  • The entire block is marked as Silence Zone. Strict silence should be maintained in all areas of the Center.
  • Students should keep their belongings in the shelves kept for this purpose.  Books and personal bags are not allowed inside.
  • No Food or soft drinks can be brought inside.
  • Any person who visits the Library should enter his name, affiliation, time of arrival and time of leaving in the register, which is kept at the entrance.
  • Students can take books for reference on the submission of identity card to the librarian.  The books cannot be taken outside the premises of the Center.
  • Men and women students should use their respective reference sections earmarked for this purpose.  Intermingling of men and women in any area of the center is strictly forbidden.  Any violation of this rule will be strictly dealt with.
  • For any book not returned on the due day, an overdue charge/fine will be levied at the rate of 0.50-fills/ day.  After a week if the book is not returned, it will be presumed that the book is lost and penalty charges amounting to one and half times the cost of the book will be levied. If the student desires to replace the lost book, he can do so, only with the latest edition of the book, after paying the overdue charges.
  • Faculty members can borrow at any one time one book and one back issue journal for a week.  I f they want to keep them for a longer period they can do so after extending the due dates.
  • Any teaching staff can borrow no reference book.
  • No faculty member shall borrow a book in his/her name and give it to students.
  • The service in the computer section includes access to Internet, intranet, E-mail service and online databases.
  • “No due” certificate should be taken from the librarian in the event of any student or faculty member leaving the institution.
  • The reader should not make any marking/underlining/highlighting in the library books and journals.  They should not indulge in any act that may damage the books/journals.  If any page is torn away or damage caused to any book or journal the offending person will be asked to pay the penalty one and half times the cost of the book / journal and also be referred to the disciplinary committee for further action.