Workshop on “Digitalization of GMU Mentorship Program” by the QA&IE Unit

QA&IE Unit organized a professional development workshop on “Digitalization of GMU Mentorship Program” on 17th October 2021 for all GMU faculty members. The session was facilitated by Prof. Sherief Khalifa, Vice-Chancellor for Quality and Global Engagement and Dr. Ibrahim Elsayed, Director of the Quality Assurance and Institutional Effectiveness Unit.

As a step forward towards optimizing GMU mentorship program across all colleges and programs, the QA&IE Unit designed an online system to enable each mentor to access his/her mentees’ continuous assessments, grades, CGPA and number of completed credits. The new system will facilitate communication between course coordinators and mentors, as each course coordinator will be able to report to the respective mentor the student need for either academic or personal advising/counseling.

Prof. Sherief highlighted that the new system will improve the effectiveness of the mentorship program by giving access to course coordinators/faculty and mentors with a repository of data on student academic performance during his/her entire study period. The newly developed system will also empower the mentors to plan and decide on actions to be taken for the achievement of the mentee’s academic and career goals.

During the session, Dr. Ibrahim demonstrated the gaps in the existing system and the benefits of the newly launched one. By the end of the session, the faculty were given hands-on experience with the system, and finally, Prof. Sherief and Dr. Ibrahim addressed the queries from faculty members.