March, 2021

Staff Development Workshop: “Scientifo-Metric Analysis”

March 18, 2021

The First Staff Development Activity for the Spring Semester 2021 was organized on March 21, 2021 at 1:00 pm. Prof. Ahmed Mohamed Al-Abd, Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology & Associate Dean-Academics, College of Pharmacy, conducted a Workshop titled “Scientifo-Metric Analysis’. Ahmed discussed on the trends of...

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College of Nursing participates in 17th Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development (DIHAD) Conference, Dubai

March 17, 2021

BSN 4th Semester students – Ms. Sonia M. Bader, Mr. Joseph Joseph K. and Ms. Hekmat Ali Abdalla and Ms. Sija Binoy, Lecturer in Nursing were nominated from College of Nursing as the working member of IFRC (International Association of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies). The IFRC had offered an opportunity for the working members to...

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World Kidney Day Awareness Program

March 15, 2021

The World Kidney Day was celebrated on 15th March 2021 as part of community engagement activity by the College of Nursing, Semester 6 BSN students of Gulf Medical University. The purpose of the program was to create awareness on the importance of prevention of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) as well as focusing on the theme for World Kidney Day...

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December, 2020

Report on Community Engagement Activity: COPD Awareness Initiative – 2020

December 27, 2020

Introduction A key recommendation for transforming Nursing education for the future calls for preparing nurses to work with diverse populations in community settings. The integration of community engagement learning experiences in Nursing education promotes a commitment to social responsibility and service. Learning experiences in community...

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Report on Co- Curricular Activity: Aids Observation Day

December 1, 2020

Introduction Co-curricular activities are designed and balanced with academic curriculum so that every student gets to learn beyond the learning in the classroom. This helps students develop leadership skills, team integrity, coordination skills, moral values, communication skills, expression skills, public speaking, participation...

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November, 2020

Diabetic Day Celebration: Nurses make the difference

November 23, 2020

World Diabetes Day (WDD) was created in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) in response to growing concerns about the escalating health threat posed by Diabetes. WDD is the World’s largest Diabetes awareness campaign having a global reach of over one billion people in more than 160...

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October, 2020

White Coat Ceremony 2020

October 27, 2020

The Virtual White Coat Ceremony 2020 was organized for all the Health Professional students who had joined Gulf Medical University on 1st October, 2020 Thursday at 11am. This ceremony is symbolic where every Nursing student takes her first step into this noble profession. The ceremony marks the official welcoming of students into the health...

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Interprofessional Webinar Series – Pneumonia

October 27, 2020

Embracing the value of IPE around the world- particularly in GMU for its impact on learning and health systems. The key elements of IPE that emerge are Interprofessional teamwork and collaborative practice. Keeping in mind the essence of IPE learning, next webinar was organized in managing patients with pneumonia. The webinar was a...

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September, 2020

Interprofessional Webinar Series – Diabetes Mellitus

September 27, 2020

Interprofessional education(IPE) aims to learn about, from and with different health professionals to enable effective and improved health outcomes. IPE is a platform for improving the quality of collaboration, enhancing communication and partnering with clinical teams in providing care to the patient and their families. IPE is an...

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BSN Orientation Program – 2020

September 20, 2020

The goal of an Orientation Program is to ensure that all the newly inducted students of any discipline will receive consistent information regarding the Program, its objectives, History, Organization structure and its functions. This helps the freshman batch to get familiarized and acclimatized with the vision, mission and philosophy of the...

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