Intravenous & Intra-Osseous Therapy – 1 Day Training

Overview: This one day hands- on training is designed for healthcare professionals who wish to have competence and confidence in inserting peripheral Intravenous catheterization,  intra-osseous cannulation, by following proper aseptic technique. This course is aimed at developing the participant’s knowledge and skills in the administration of medicine and other fluids through IV and IO route.


  1. Review of anatomy of veins
  2. Classification of IV fluids and dose calculation challenges
  3. Standards of practice of intravenous therapy
  4. Preparation and administration of IV medications using aseptic technique- Hands on session
  5. Complications of IV therapy recognition and management
  6. Blood and blood components administration
  7. Alternative methods of IV therapy, Central Venous Catheter – Care and Dressing change
  8. Intra-osseous insertion
  9. Legal aspects of IV therapy 

Who will benefit from this course:

Nurses, lab technicians, medical assistants, Interns, and General Practitioners

Duration: One day (08:30 to 03:00 PM)

Registration Fees

Health Professionals: – 1100 AED
Thumbay Group Staff: – 880 AED
GMU Students: – 880 AED
Group Registration (10 or More Reg):- 880 AED