Emergency Oxygen Provider Training

Course Overview

This highly interactive one day programme covers the basics of how to deliver oxygen in first aid emergencies. Oxygen within the first aid by trained rescuers can provide an effective way of managing medical emergencies until professionals arrive and promote recovery. On this course, the candidates will learn and practice the basics of how to assemble, use, disassemble and effectively use the oxygen delivery equipment.  Also, they will learn the indication, contra indication and safe handling of oxygen in medical emergencies.

Course contents

  1. Atmospheric gases
  2. Introduction to First Aid
  3. ABCDE approach to patient care
  4. Basic Life Support:
    • Barriers and gloves
    • Face shield
    • Pocket mask
    • Adult CPR
    • Hands only CPR
    • Child and Infant CPR
  5. When oxygen is used
  6. Hazards and contra indications of Oxygen
  7. Hypoxia
  8. Pulse Oximetry
  9. Oxygen equipment
    • Storage and Transport
    • Standard Oxygen Cylinder
    • Pin Index Cylinder
    • BOC oxygen kit
    • Portable suction unit
  10. Providing Oxygen
    • Pocket mask
    • Non Rebreather Mask
    • Venturi Oxygen Mask
    • Demand Valves
    • Nasal Cannula
    • Adult Bag Valve Mask
    • Oxygen and anaphylaxis

Who will benefit from this course

  1. First Aiders
  2. Hospital workers
  3. Offshore industries
  4. Aviation
  5. SCUBA Diving
  6. Confined Spaces
  7. Military
  8. Outdoor pursuits
  9. Watersports
  10. Workplaces needing Oxygen training
  11. Care workers
  12. Fire service

Duration: 08:30 AM till 01:30 PM

Registration fees:

External candidates: 400 AED
Thumbay Group staffs: 320 AED
GMU Students: 320 AED
Group Rate: 360 AED