Comprehensive Workshop on Fundamentals of EKG

Electrocardiography not only plays a vital role in the diagnosis of cardiac diseases but also has significant implications in the management of cardiac emergencies.
This 2 day workshop on theoretical and practical aspects of EKG is an excellent opportunity for novices and a refreshing review for experienced health care providers to hone their generic skills in basic EKG and rhythm interpretation in a systematic way.

At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Recall the history and the theoretical aspects of EKG
  • Explain the essential technical aspects of EKG recording
  • Explain the normal standardization of the EKG and recognize correct /incorrect standardization of the EKG trace (in sample traces)
  • Describe the specific waves in an EKG trace in terms of Polarity, Amplitude and Duration
  • Calculate the heart rate from EKG tracing
  • Recall Basic EKG Laws
  • Identify and describe the normal QRS & T wave patterns (in chest and extremity leads)
  • Identify the normal pattern of lead a VR
  • Identify the EKG patterns of atrial depolarization on EKG tracings in normal sinus rhythm versus AV junction rhythm
  • Calculate the cardiac axis, identify axis deviation and recognize the impact of axis deviation on the clinical EKG
  • Identify the EKG changes in Cardiac Chamber Enlargement (RA/LA/RV/LV)
  • Recognize the EKG changes encountered in Bundle Branch Blocks (RBBB, LBBB, and fascicular blocks)
  • Identify complete versus Incomplete BBB

Who Will Benefit From This Course?
Doctors, Interns and Residents, Nurses, Paramedical staff and technicians and other related healthcare providers and students.

Workshop Content

  • Introductory Principles
  • Basic EKG Waves
  • EKG Leads
  • The Normal EKG
  • Electrical axis and Axis Deviation
  • EKG in Cardiac Enlargement
  • Ventricular Conduction Disturbances (Bundle Branch Blocks)

Interactive Lectures with discussions (including sample traces),Small Group practical’s.

Comprehensive Workshop on Fundamentals of EKG (desirable, not mandatory)

Friday and Saturday – 8:30 am – 4:00 pm (2 Full Days)

CME Accreditation
9.5 CME (MOH)

Registration Fees:
Health Professionals :- 450 AED
Thumbay Group Staff :- 350 AED
GMU Students :- 350 AED
Group Registration(10 or More Reg) :- 350 AED