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About The Program


Gulf Medical University, UAE is happy to announce its 14th Annual edition of the Inter – School Science Exhibition Competition. A fully online competition.




The competition is hosted by Gulf Medical University, Ajman, UAE; the leading Medical University in the Gulf region, offering high quality healthcare education and training with Bachelor and Master programs since 1998.




Any student in UAE from the classes 10, 11 & 12 are eligible to participate in the Competition.


Categories & Themes


  • Project: Students participate individually while considering the theme of medical science research or business ideas
    Theme: Human & Nature Science, Covid-19 , Health innovations, Chemistry Life, and Physics Laws of Nature , Dentistry , Business Ideas to promote health service sector
    Student participation: Maximum 5 students can participate in one project. Please upload the video of 2-5 minutes of your project which shows demonstration and inspiration behind doing this project. Please mention the benefits of this project as well to the society.
  • Poster: Pictorial projection of one’s ideas which should be designed to be both eye-catching and informative
    Digital Poster & Paper based poster
    Theme: Drug & Medicine in Human Life, Covid-19, Physical Therapy, Laboratory Sciences, Dentistry, Biomedical Sciences
    Student participation: Maximum 3 students can participate in one poster. Please upload the picture of poster in poster category.
  • Painting:
    Digital Panting and Canvas Based painting theme
    • 10th Graders Nature around you (Your Environment, Go Green).
    • 11th Graders (Sub-Seniors) (A healthy living, Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy)
    • 12th Graders (Seniors) (Your vision of a healthy tomorrow, Stop Global Warming)
    Student participation: 1 student can participate with one painting. Please upload the picture of painting in painting category.
    Canvas Painting Specification Size
    60 cm x 40 cm (+/- 5 cm variation only allowed)
    Note: Ideal size the judging committee is aiming for is 60cm x 37cms - in the Golden Ratio for a more aesthetic harmonious look while exhibiting these works).
    Medium Water Color / Acrylic / Oil / Mixed Media on suitable surfaces. The painting has to be mounted on a lightweight canvas board only. This is done to protect the painting from damage when displayed and/ or taken off.
    Note: Each contestant is allowed to submit from the four-color styles mentioned only. Paintings not mounted on canvas board will not be accepted.
    Digital Painting Specification
    Digital has allowed the creation of entirely new images that were very difficult to achieve using traditional techniques of cutting and montage. Please use bright colors and upload the image of digital painting in painting category.
  • Song/Music competition (English or Arabic):

    • Student participation: Maximum 5 students can participate in a Band.
      The contest is open to singers or musicians who are in 10, 11 or 12 Grade students.
      For the purposes of the competition, lyrics, and music must be original and unpublished.
      Each entry must be an original, unpublished musical composition for which the contestant retains the copyright and authority to submit and perform the composition in the contest.
      In the submission a single accompanist may sing along with you, play an instrument, or both.
      Competitors will be evaluated on technique, musicianship, and overall presentation.
      Any musical Instrument can be used.
  • Poetry Competition (English or Arabic):

    • Student participation:1 students can participate in Poetry.
      The competition is open to anyone who are in 10, 11 or 12 Grade students.
      There is a limit of one entry per person for poetry competition. All entries will be considered anonymously by the judges.
      Under no circumstances can alterations be made to poems once entered.
      The judges read all the entries; their decision is final. Neither the judges nor Poetry Society staff will enter any correspondence.
      All entries are judged anonymously, and the poet’s name must not appear on the poem itself.
      All poems must have a title and must not exceed 20 lines in length (excluding title). Entries can be on any subject and language (English or Arabic).
      Poems must be the entrant’s original work.


Exhibition Rules


  • The event is open for students of Grade 10, 11 and 12.
  • Student is allowed to participate in multiple categories (Projects, Posters Paintings, Music or Poetry)
  • The theme of the exhibits is strictly limited to science or Business.
  • Once the entries are approved, please share it with your friends to receive votes.


Disclaimer policy


  • GMU is fully authorized to display the results and winner images over social media
  • Winners have 6 months to claim their prize
  • Participant students are allowed to share MASE links over their social media for registration and vote purpose
  • GMU has all the rights to disqualify the work not conforming to the specified directions will be disqualified
  • Projects, Posters Paintings, Music and Poetry are required to be uploaded with required information on or before 15th October 2020


Registration for all categories with topics to be registered on or before September 2020 to be confirmed with shahraiz@gmu.ac.ae - 0564862461


Deadline: No Projects, Posters Paintings, Music and Poetry registrations will be accepted after 15th October 2020


Registration and Procedures


  • The Committee must receive the entries before October.
  • GMU will intimate the winners prior to the dates of exhibition and prize distribution when the Panel of Judges finishes their evaluation. GMU will exhibit all entries at the exhibition alongside the Winning entries.




All the work will be reviewed by a selected panel of Judges appointed by GMU. Evaluation will be based on the theme for the category, quality / difficulty of work, its artistic value and overall presentation. 3 Judges joint decisions will be final and maximum votes entries will receive the prizes separately.


Works should be Original and genuinely done by the participant. Student must be online to attend inquiries regarding their project, poster & painting at the online portal of MASE 20202.


Judges Profile