GEMS-GMU Collaboration

Chancellor’s Quotes

Our project with GEMS Schools ‘The Future Scientists of UAE’ has proven to be a great success. The Students are highly motivated and excited that they are learning in a state of the art research facility. Learning how to think like their mentors – the researchers. We look forward this year to have another group of students.

Prof. Hossam Hamdy
Chancellor,  Gulf Medical University

Student’s Quotes

This program has allowed me to have a greater understanding of cancer cell functions, I am now able to understand basic techniques such as DNA isolation and how to measure DNA and RNA contents and assess their purity by gel electrophoresis and nanodrop. I would love to learn more about how cancer cells are targeted by the immune system.

Rosemary Woolley
JC – GEMS Jumeirah College Dubai
Year 12

Research allows us to understand and see beyond what can be seen with the naked eye. My experience in the “Future Scientists of UAE” program, allowed me to expand my horizon, it has made me more experienced than other people my own age, and it will help me in determining which field to focus in my future career.

Ahsan Nayaz
OOB – GEMS Our Own Own English High School, Sharjah – Boy’s Branch
Grade 10

To me, research is to explore the unknown. This program has been very interesting to me as it has allowed me to learn about the implications of DNA deletions and mutations in cancer. I am an aspiring medical doctor and this experience has helped me to understand the real-life implications of the science I have learned previously at school.

Jao Pedro Ponce
GIS – GEMS International School Dubai
Grade 11

To me, research is important as making discoveries can help people cure diseases. This experience has broadened my perspective and now I know that I definitely want to work in the medical field. As I am a social, visual and physical learner, being in the lab with my classmates has been very effective in developing my learning.

Tasnim Neetoo
WIS – GEMS Wellington International School Dubai
Year 11