Ms. Sivapriya Ramakrishnan

Lecturer, Physiotherapy
(Womens Health)

Ms. Sivapriya works with Gulf medical university since 2012 and chose teaching Physiotherapy students since 2010. Graduating a student with great professional ethics, skills, accountability and high moral standards is her way of educating the students. She has been awarded with “Most inspiring Teacher” and Best Teacher award for the year 2014.

Areas of interest

  • Antenatal and postnatal management
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Kinesiology
  • Spiro metric analysis
  • Service learning in physiotherapy


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy from The TN DR MGR Medical University in 2009.
  • Master of Physiotherapy [Obstetrics and Gynecology] from The TN DR MGR Medical University in 2012.
  • Graduate Diploma in Health Professions Education [GDHPE] from Gulf Medical University in 2015
  • Certificate in Essential Skills in Medical Education [ESME online] from University of Dundee in 2017.
  • Pursuing Ph.D from Lovely Professional University since 2015.

Selected Publications

  • Rashij M, Rai HR, Ramakrishnan S, Minu R, Nahal R. Resisted Backward walking to improve gait synergism in children with Hemiparetic cerebral palsy. Ind J Phy and Occ therapy. 2017; 11(2): 74-78.[Link]
  • Rashij M, Rai HR, N Fysal, M Nahal Rintu, PK Sinil Das, T Linshina Sivapriya R. Habilitation of cerebral palsy children: Survey conducted among physiotherapists of Mid Malabar Region, Kerala. Int Res Pub Med Sci 2015; 1(3): 17-21.[Link]
  • Rashij M, Rai HR, Priya Siva, Das Sinil, Nikhil NP, Linshina T. Efficacy of compound Resisted exercises on Functional gait parameters of spastic cerebral palsy. Ind J Phy and Occ therapy. 2015;9(1): 87-92.[Link]
  • Priya R Siva, Kokila V, Malai K Kanchana, Kumar S. Effectiveness of Antenatal Motor Relearning Approach of Diaphragm, Deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles Versus kegels exercises on postpartum pelvic floor muscle strength. Ind J Phy and Occ therapy. 2014;8(1):193-197. [Link]
  • Sivapriya R, Kanchana Malai K, Suresh Kumar S. Efficacy of antenatal synergistic facilitation of Pelvic floor muscles versus kegel exercises on pelvic floor muscle strength- A Post partum review. GMJ, ASM 2013; 2(s1): S175-S179.[Link]