Dr. Raghavendra Manjunath Shetty – Publications

Assistant Professor, Pedodontics

  • Shetty RM, Sarda R. Deramatoglyphic patterns in sickle cell anaemia patients of Chhattisgarh, India. J Dent Sci 2017; 2(4): 000141.
  • Rangi MK, Motwani BK, Shetty RM, Sahu SK. Fabrication of silicone hand Prosthesis: A case report. Int Res J of Cli Med 2016;1(4):30-33.
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  • Shetty RM, Khandelwal M, Rath S. RMS Pictorial Scale (RMS-PS): an innovative scale for the assessment of child’s dental anxiety. J Indian Soc Pedod Prev Dent. 2015;;33(1):48-52.
  • Shetty RM, Parakh K, Sajjanar A, Jain S, Goyal A. Antibacterial property of allopathic medicine versus phyto medicine: An in-vitro study. Int J of Current Microbiology and Apllied Sciences 2015; 4(2): 896-902.
  • Shetty RM, Goyal A, Kandelwal M, Deoghare A, Hanumanta S, Parakh K. Dentinogenesis Imperfecta (Hereditary Opalescent Dentin) in primary dentition: A case report. Int J Dent Med Res 2015;1(5):87-88.
  • Shetty RM, Goyal A, Reddy H, Sajjnar AB, Jain S. Frog Appliance- An innovative treatment option for the replacement of missing teeth in an epileptic child. J Clin Diagn Res2015; 9(5):ZD11-2.
  • Shetty RM, Goyal A, Goyal B, Tamrakar A. An antimicrobial efficacy of guava and tulsi against streptococcus mutans and e. faecalis: in vitro study. International Research Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences. 2015; 2(1):89-91.
  • Shetty RM, Shetty M, Shetty NS, Deoghare A, Goyal A. Management of thumb sucking by RURS-elbow guard: Report of two cases. Int J Dent Med Res 2015;1(5):116-118.
  • Shetty RM, Goyal A, Shetty S, Mangalekar SB, Sarda R. Prepubertal Periodontitis: A Rare Case Report. International Journal of Scientific study. 2015; 2(12):160-162.
  • Shetty RM, Shetty M, Shetty NS, Deoghare A. Three-Alarm System: Revisited to treat thumb-sucking habit. Int J Clin Pediatr Dent 2015;8(1):82-86.


  • Shetty RM, Pashine A, Jose N, Manta S. Role of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) on anxiety and behavior in children with hearing and speech impairment in Special Care in Dentistry.
  •  Shetty RM, Sarda S, Shetty S. “Foramen Caecum – The polyseme…!!!” in Journal of Morphology and Anatomy