Dr. Prathibha Prasad – Publications

Lecturer, Oral Pathology

  • Prathibha Prasad et al., Oral Health Effects in Shisha Smokers – A Study among Arabs and Indians in UAE.  Saudi J. Oral. Dent. Res., Vol-3, Iss-6 (Jun, 2018): 207-212
  • Prasad P, Hamed MS, Nahar P. A Comparison of Feulgen Stain and Acridine Orange to Stain Micronuclei in Shisha Smokers and Cigarette Smokers. J Clin Res Dent 2018;1(1):1-3.
  • Displacement of lower third molar to submandibular fossa during extraction
    Indian journal of multidisciplinary dentistry
    6/107-110 | Dec/2016
  • Cell phone and the mental health of the students- a short review
    Scholars Bulletin (A Multidisciplinary Journal)
    vol 2, 515-516 | Sep/2016
  • Trend of using smartphones by medical students
    Saudi Journal of Medicine
    1, 40-43 | Sep/2016
  • A Short Review of Common Viral Lesions Seen in the Oral Cavity of Children
    Pediatric Dental Care
    vol 1, 117 | Aug/2016
  • Frequency and Pattern of Oral Manifestations and Oral Hygiene Practices among Cases with Diabetes Mellitus in Ajman, United Arab Emirates
    International Journal of Dental Sciences and Research
    3 (2A) | Feb/2015