Honor Code


 (name of the student) student of the Gulf Medical University, Ajman will persevere to achieve a sense of trust, responsibility, commitment, honor, integrity and professional behavior towards my colleagues, mentors and patients.


 I pledge to abide by the following:

I shall never indulge in acts of any academic misconduct.

I shall never indulge in acts of personal misconduct either on or off-campus. I shall always place the interest and welfare of my patients foremost.

I will maintain confidentiality of the health information of my patients

I will observe a moral and an ethical behavior in all my professional relations. I will always observe respect towards other healthcare professionals.

I will respect their contribution and views related to patient care. I will work together with them as a team to deliver patient care.

I will always seek to gain knowledge from the experience of my mentors.

I will never forget that I have been entrusted with the safety of my patients. May I be worthy of this trust!

May I always remember that henceforth I must put others before myself!

I affirm this day before all present today that I will be true to this pledge.