GMU Alumni

  • To maintain active and interested health professional alumni, promoting fellowship and professional relationships among members of the Society.
  • To act as advocates for medical, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy and other health professions, students in undergraduate and post graduate programs.
  • To act as advocates for physicians, dentists, pharmacists, physical therapists and health professionals pursuing continuing education.
  • To assist Colleges of Medicine (COM), Dentistry (COD), Pharmacy (COP), Health Science (COAHS), Graduate Studies (COGS) whenever requested, in:
    • Recruiting qualified applicants
    • Developmental activities
    • Promoting and facilitating research
    • Providing counsel
Germany Chapter Dr. Aiman Dany-Jan Yassin
Klinikum Braunschweig
Urologische Klinik
Salzdahlumer Straße 90
38126 Braunschweig
United Kingdom Chapter Dr. Walid Al-Deeb MBBS MRCP(UK)
SpR Radiology
JRF representative for Wales
United States of America Chapter Dr. Taimur Mirza
Chief Resident – Internal Medicine
St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital, New York
Canada Chapter Dr. Fatema Chandra Bawangaonwala
PGY-2, Family Medicine
Trillium Hospital,
University of Toronto
Australia Chapter Ms. Atifa Aleem
Registered Physiotherapist, Melbourne, Australia
Chief Executive Dr. Mohammed Omar Alshaikh Sidahmed (Reg. No. 2010M019)
Secretary Dr. Saja Saad Hassan Fetyan (Reg. No. 2010M058)
Treasurer Dr. Safarunnisa Udinoor Mohammed  (Reg. No. 2011D025)
Associate executive for Master Program Dr. Khawla Yousuf Mohamed Almadhaani (Reg. No. 2013MCP04)
Associate Executive for MBBS Program Dr. Imtiaz Mohammed Khan (Reg. No. 2010M042)
Associate executive for BPT Program Ms. Nabeela Shahzadi (Reg. No. 2012PT17)
Associate executive for DMD Program Dr. Simran Kaur (Reg. No. 2011D006)
Associate executive for Pharm D Program Dr. Rizah Anwar Assadi (Reg. No. 2011 PH20)
GMU Alumni Executive Board Ex-officio members (Board of Executives) Ex-Officio members
(Executive Advisory Council)
Prof. Mohamed Arifulla
Dean, Admission and Registers
Mr. Thumbay Moideen
Founder President
Dr. Manda Venkatramana
Dean, College of Medicine
Prof. Gita Raj
Chief Academic Officer/Provost
Prof. Arun shirwaikar
Dean, College of Pharmacy
Prof. Mohamed Arifulla
Dean, Admission and Registers
Prof. Mohamed Mohamed Said Hamed
Dean, College of Dentistry
Dr. Joshua Ashok
Dean, Student Affairs
Dr. Praveen Kumar K
Dean, College of Allied Health Sciences
Prof. Manda Venkatramana
Dean, College of Medicine
Dr. Anoop Kumar Agarwal
Associate Dean, College of Graduate Studies
Prof. Arun shirwaikar
Dean, College of Pharmacy
Dr. Joshua Ashok
Dean, Student Affairs
Prof. Mohamed Mohamed Said Hamed
Dean, College of Dentistry
Dr. Shaik altaf Bash
Hospital Representative
Dr. Praveen Kumar K
Dean, College of Allied Health Sciences
Mr. Vignesh Unadkat
GMU IT & Promotions
Prof. Annie Shirwalkar
Faculty Representative
Mr. Aslam Kutty
Office of Registers and Records

Under the initiative of President
The first ever GMU Annual Global Alumni Summit was conducted on 6th November 2016 at Ajman Saray Hotel, Ajman, UAE.
This was to recognize and award the GMU Alumni with outstanding achievement in various areas of the health sectors like Government/Corporate Bodies, Health Care Management, Entrepreneurship in Health Industries, Academia and Community Engagement.
Invitation was sent out to all Alumni Members registered in the data base – 889 (710 delivered)
Requested to forward CV

Confirmed participation: Total 152
MBBS – 77      Pharm D – 11      BPT – 21      COGS – 9      Participated – 118
CV Sent – 28

Adhoc Committee pondered decided on the category of awards which included

  • Health Care Delivery System
    • Federal Government Service
    • Dubai Government Service
    • Sharjah Government Service
    • Oman Government Service
  • Health Care Delivery – Private Sector
  • Academia
  • Research
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Non Government Organization

18 Awardees

CV was scrutinized and 18 awardees selected in above categories.

The event also hosted a panel discussion on the theme “From Success to Significance” to share their journey from “GMU to Global Platform”. Total of 12 Alumni in two different sessions shared their success stories, challenges they faced along the journey and about their highest achievements that will serve as an inspiration to the present students.

Healthcare : Government Service 

Dr. Sally Ahmed Essa Al-Naeem (Assistant Director of Medical Affairs -Saqr  hospital RAK)
Dr. Amna Juma Hussain Al-Shaali (Medical Director -Sheikh Khalifa Hospital Ajman)
Dr. Khawla Al Balooshi (Medical Director -Sheikh Khalifa Mat. & Ped Hospital Ajman)
Dr. Noorah Ali Omar Al Shimmari (Deputy Director – Ajman Preventive Medicine Dept.)
Dr. Kareemah Essa Al Raesi (Medical Director – PHC Madinah Ajman)
Ms. Amani Al Ali (Head of Physiotherapy- GHQ Armed Forces)
Dr. Mohammed Amber Khan (Acting Director Quality & Performance DHA)
Ms. Laxmi Devi (Physiotherapist -Social Services Dept Govt of Sharjah)
Mr. Saif Salem Alshibli (OMAN) (HoD of Rehabilitation department-Sohar Hospital)

Healthcare: Research

Dr. Nawaf Al Judaibi (France) Plastic Surgery Specialist (Assistant des Hôpitaux de Lille) University Hospitals of Lille, France

Healthcare: Leadership

Dr. Walid Al-Deeb (UK) Radiology Registrar, North Wales School of Radiology- Wales Deanery
Dr. Farah Jameel Yates (UK) Chair – Camden LMC at London wide LMCs and Trustee -Medical Women’s Federation

Healthcare: Academia

Dr. Khalid M Abulaban (USA) Attending Physician Pediatric Rheumatology, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Michigan State University

Dr. Ahmed Abu Abdou (USA) Assistant Professor of Medicine University of  Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Dr. Ayad Moslih Lecturer: Medical Education and Clinical Competencies, Clinical Education Department

Healthcare: Entrepreneurship / Leadership

Dr. Mohammad Shuaib (CEO -Infinity Lifestyle Management & Concierge )

Healthcare: Private Sector / Leadership

Dr. Shajir Ghaffar (CEO – VPS Healthcare)

Healthcare: Private Sector

Dr. Omar Nabi (Head Patient Affairs Department, Thumbay Hospital Ajman)

Healthcare: NGO / Humanitarian Service

Dr. Wedad Abood (YEMEN) Medical Advisor-Medical team leader

Welcome to the GMU Alumni Career Center,
Career Counseling Department advancing its role to provide academic, career, and personal counseling to students and assist with other student affairs administrative duties.


The mission of the Counseling Department is to support the educational objectives of the University through counseling, education, programming, consultation, collaboration, and crisis intervention designed to enhance each student’s academic, career, and personal growth.


  • To enhance and develop students self-esteem and problem-solving skills.
  • To support student development and success through counselling, workshops and seminars related to:
    • Residency application and interviews.
    • Resumes and Curriculum vitae.
    • Information related to medical licensing exams.
    • Study habits.
    • Time management.
    • Goal setting.
  • To organize Alumni meet.
  • To update alumni records.
  • To update the University on a regular basis regarding counselling program and activities.
  • To assist students to handle the challenging demands of course work.

Our Department serves a large number of GMU Alumni who graduate each year from the Gulf Medical University.

Services we provide include:

  • Personal or Career Counselling.
  • Constructing Curriculum Vitae or Resumes.
  • Handling Job Interviews.
  • Preparing documents needed for the application of residency programs & employment.
  • Refer to Alumni who can act as mentor or adviser regarding Post Graduate Training.