Quality Assurance System of GMU

Key Features

  • IPO Model modified to IPOO model, differentiating between output and outcome has been adopted( Hamdy 2010)
  • Kirkpatrick Model in measuring the effectiveness of Educational Programs constitute a conceptual framework of the quality assurance process.
  • Establishing a cause and effect correlation in education is difficult.
  • The demarcation between an input or a process indicator is sometime blurred.
  • We accept the results so long as we understand its importance and the implication of its measurement.
  • The majority of the indicators are measured by using quantitative measurement but qualitative data are valuable and sometimes more meaningful, (Evidence Based).
  • The numbers per se are meaningless. Their value in the context and implications for improvement are more important, (Closing The Loop).

Kirkpatrick’s Model of Program Effectiveness

Quality Assurance Conceptual Model – I P O O