Objectives and Responsibilities


  • To evaluate the effectiveness of the academic programs as per performance indicators and benchmarks.
  • To support the university in program accreditation, strategic planning, Risk Management, and performance management.
  • To facilitate and monitor compliance with the standard delivery system of the regulatory authorities.
  • To implement international best practices in the quality assurance system of the university.
  • To participate and deliver in various quality and excellence projects for the university.
  • To ensure effective communication process is in place to address the needs of all stakeholders and for closing the loop.
  • To generate accurate, timely and informative reports showing trends, internal and external benchmarks to further facilitate in planning, budgeting, and resource allocation processes.


  • To design and administer various evaluations and surveys to ensure the feedback of the stakeholders are used for institutional effectiveness.
  • To participate in various accreditation and effectiveness projects, as required.
  • To develop and monitor outcome measures of institutional effectiveness.
  • To manage the database of the University with the utmost quality and credibility as per national and international Standards.
  • To coordinate and work with all data custodians to ensure high-level accuracy and consistency in reports across university-wide operations.
  • To conduct institutional research as part of the continuous quality enhancement process.
  • To provide critical information related to institutional planning and risk management.