Dr. Ibrahim Elsayed

Director of Quality Assurance & Institutional Effectiveness
Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences


  • B.Pharm from Cairo University, Egypt in 2004
  • MSc in Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy from Cairo University, Egypt in 2008
  • Ph.D. from Cairo University, Egypt in 2011
  • Graduate Diploma in Health Profession Education from Gulf Medical University, UAE in 2015

Research Interest

  • Use of nanotechnology in drug delivery, solubilization, targeting and bioavailability enhancement

Selected Publications

  • Algehani, R., Abou Khouzam, R., Hegazy, G., Alamoudi, A., El-Halawany, A., El Dine, R., Ajabnoor, G., Al-Abbasi, F., Baghdadi, M., Elsayed, I., Hattori, M. and Al-Abd, A.M. 2021. Colossolactone-G synergizes the anticancer properties of 5-fluorouracil and gemcitabine against colorectal cancer cells. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 140, p.111730. [link]
  • Naguib, M., Elsayed, I., Teaima, M. 2021. Simultaneous Optimization of Oral and Transdermal Nanovesicles for Bioavailability Enhancement of Ivabradine Hydrochloride. International Journal of Nanomedicine, Volume 16, pp.2917-2931. [link]
  • Haider, M., Elsayed, I., Ahmed, I.S., Fares, A.R. In Situ-Forming Microparticles for Controlled Release of Rivastigmine: In Vitro Optimization and In Vivo Evaluation. Pharmaceuticals. 2021 Jan;14(1):66. [link]
  • Elsenosy, F.M., Abdelbary, G.A., Elshafeey, A.H., Elsayed, I. and Fares, A.R., 2020. Brain Targeting of Duloxetine HCL via Intranasal Delivery of Loaded Cubosomal Gel: In vitro Characterization, ex vivo Permeation, and in vivo Biodistribution Studies. International Journal of Nanomedicine15, pp.9517-9537. [link]
  • Hussain, Z., Thu, H., Elsayed, I., Abourehab, M., Khan, S., Sohail, M., Sarfraz, R. and Farooq, M., 2020. Nano-scaled materials may induce severe neurotoxicity upon chronic exposure to brain tissues: A critical appraisal and recent updates on predisposing factors, underlying mechanism, and future prospects. Journal of Controlled Release. [link]
  • Said, M., Aboelwafa, A., Elshafeey, A., & Elsayed, I. (2020). Central Composite Optimization of Ocular Mucoadhesive Cubosomes for Enhanced Bioavailability and Controlled Delivery of Voriconazole. Journal Of Drug Delivery Science And Technology, 102075. doi: 10.1016/j.jddst.2020.102075. [link]
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