Dr. Hossam Abdelatty Eid Abdelmagyd – Research

Professor of Periodontics

List of Publications 

  • Hossam Abdelatty Eid, Manea Musa Musleh Al-Ahmari , Shishir Ram Shetty (2019). Treatment of Gingival Hyperpigmentation using Different Techniques. Journal of Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences University.  Volume 14 ¦ Issue 1 ¦50-55.
  • Hossam Eid, Shishir Shetty, Manea M. Alahmari (2019). Herbal medicine as adjunct in periodontal therapies. A review of clinical trials in past decade. Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research, 9 ;212–217.
  • Shishir Shetty, Hossam Eid, Walid Shaaban (2019). Immigration of the dental workforce: Changing global trends. Education for Health J (FAIMER)  Volume 31 • Issue 3;185-86.
  • Manea Musa Mosleh Al-Ahmari, Hossam Eid , Shishir Ram Shetty (2018). Evidence-Based Dentistry. How to design a research? A literature review. Italian Journal of Dental Medicine 3/3-6.
  • Mohamed said, Shishir Shetty, Hossam Eid (2018). Oral ranula – report of a case with review of literature. Malta Medical School Gazette Volume 02 Issue 02.
  • Mohamed I. Elshinawy, Hossam A. Eid, Ashraf A. Khalilb, Abdelnasser M. Solimand,f, Hesham El‑Refaeye (2018). TNF-α-mediated inflammation and cytotoxicity of different root canal sealers and root-end fillings in cell line culture. Tanta Dental Journal, 15:27–32.
  • Sesha M. Reddy,* Hossam A.E. , Shishir R. Shetty, Shakeel S. Khazi, Venkata R. Vannala (2017). Minimal invasive periodontal surgery-a review. Journal of Dentomaxillofacial Science. Online 30 July 2017.
  • Shishir Shetty, Sura Ali, Mohamed Said, Hossam Eid (2017). Salivary alkaline phosphatase and oral health: A review. Italian Journal of Dental Medicine vol. 2/2.
  • Mohamed Said, Hossam Eid, Shishir Shetty, Sura Ali (2017). Role of Lycopene in the prevention of oral precancerous lesions. A review . The European   Research Journal.
  • Hossam Eid (2017). Point to debate what is the link between dental ultrasonic scalers and cardiovascular implantable electronic devices? GMJ. volume 6(1). 56-60.
  • Hossam A. Eid, Ali Shon (2017). Microbial biodiversity and Antibiotics in Periodontal diseases. A literature review. Egyptian Dental J. 63 ( 1): 120-125.
  • Hossam A. Eid, Basma M. Zaki (2016). Effect of platelet-rich plasma in combination with bone allograft in treatment of periodontal intra-bony defects in smokers. Journal of International Dental and Medical Research, Volume ∙ 9 ∙ Number ∙ 1:55-63
  • Hossam A. Eid (2016). Possible role of nanobacteria in calculus formation of Khat chewers. Egyptian Dental J. 62, 4461-4466
  • Syeda Sheema, Safa Khan, Zaid Muayad, Ali Thaier, Meera Obaid, Hossam A. Eid (2016). Prevalence of dental phobia among patients at dental clinics in UAE. Gulf Medical Journal,;5(S1):S136–S142
  • Hossam Eid, Emad Aboalazam (2016). Prevalence of tooth wear among Suez canal University students. A clinical report.  Egyptian Dental J. 62, 4395-4401.
  • Hossam A Eid*, Emad A Abo-Alazm, Manea M Mosleh, Mohammed A Alshahrani, Tarek H Taha, Nehal M El-Deeb and Gamal M Hamad (2015). Assessing the Effects of Different Plant Extracts on Primary Dental Plaque Colonizer and Human Fibroblast cell. Austin J Dent; 2(3): 1025
  • Hossam A Eid, Yhya H. Assiri, Manea M Musleh, Tarek H. Taha, Nehal M. El-Deeb, Gamal M. Hamad (2015). An exploration of the effects of Commiphora glileadenis on a Streptococcus mutans biofilm. Saudi J Oral Sci;Vol 2 No 2: 74-78
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  • Khalid M Abdelaziz, Hossam A Eid, Refaat A Eid (2014). The Effect of Bio-conditioning on Surface Characteristics of the Periodontally-affected Roots of Diabetic Patients”. World Journal of Dentistry;5(2):81-86.
  • Ahmed A Saleh , Hossam A Eid, Khalid M Abdelaziz (2014). Lesion Sterilization Tissue Repair as adjunct to Conventional Root Canal Treatment of combined  Periodontic- Endodontic  World Journal of Dentistr ;5(1):47-52.
  • Hossam Eid, Manea M Mosleh (2014). Oral Staining and Malodor Secondary to Tobacco Abuse in Southwestern Saudi: A Case Report. Austin J Dent ;1(2): 3. USA
  • Hossam Eid (2014). The Use of Systemic Lupus Erythematosis (SLE) Biomarkers in Forensic Investigation: A Suggested Approa. J Forensic Res , S:12: 1-3. USA
  • Hossam Eid (2014). Prevalence of Anterior Gingival Recession and related factors among Saudi Adolescent Males in Abha city, Aseer Region of Saudi Arabia. Journal of  Dental Research and Review. J Dent Res Rev ;1:18-23.
  • Khalid M Abdelaziz, Hossam A Eid, Refaat A Eid (2014). The Effect of Bio-conditioning on Surface Characteristics of the Periodontally-affected Roots of Diabetic Patients. World Journal of Dentistry;5(2):81-86.
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  • Ibrahim Alshahrani, Hossam Eid (2013). Uncommon pyogenic granuloma in lower lip of Orthodontic patient- Case report. Int J Dent Case Report :3(1);3-7.
  • Hossam A Eid, Tarek H Taha, Manea M Alahmari, Abdullah Awn S Alqarni, Abdulkarim Ali H Alshehri (2013). Utilization of dental pulp DNA as diagnostic molecular marker for fertility detection in Men. The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice ;14(4):590-594.
  • Hossam A Eid, Sadatullah Syed, Abdel Nasser M M Soliman (2013). The Role of Gingival Melanin Pigmentation in Inflammation of Gingiva, Based on Genetic Analysis. Journal of International Oral Health ; 5(4):1-7.
  • Hossam Eid (2012). Impact of melanin pigmentation on gingival inflammation: Histopathological and biochemical analysis. Egyptian Dental Journal ; 58 (2):1289:1294.
  • Hossam Eid (2012). Unique DNA markers for diabetes and Y chromosome fertility genes in human teeth in mass disasters. Egyptian Dental Journal, 58(2):2409:2415.
  • Hossam Eid, Tarek H. Taha (2012). Role of Bio-synthesized Silver in Controlling Periodontopathic Bacteria. Egyptian Dental Journal, Vol 58(3):2417:2425.
  • Sherif Alnagdy, Hossam Eid (2012). DNA sequencing of apoptosis-related genes in ameloblastomas. Egyptian Dental Journal, 58, 2521:2528.
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  • Hossam Eid (2011). Effect of Rhesus factor and blood group type on gingival health status. Egyptian Dental Journal, Vol 57(4): 2901-2906.
  • Hossam Eid, Khalid Aboelfadl, Osama Gouda, Ahmed Saleh (2012). Combined endodontic periodontic lesions and related factors in southwestern Saudi Arabia. Egyptian Dental Journal , Vol 57(4): 3149:3153.
  • Mohamed Alabdaly, Ossam Gouda, Hossam Eid (2010). Evaluation Of Topical Application Of CHLO-SITE (Chlorhexidine Gel) In Management Of Chronic Periodontitis. Egyptian Dental Journal, Vol 56(2): 1069:1075.
  • Fathy Abozaid, Ossam Gouda, Hossam Eid (2010). Clinical and radiographic evaluation of beta tricalcium phosphate as bone graft in treatment of infrabony periodontal defect. Al-Azhar Journal of Dental Science, Vol. 13 (2) : 207-212.
  • Mohamed Alabdaly, Ossam Gouda, Hossam Eid (2009). Local Delivery Of Atridox (Doxycycline Gel) As Adjunctive In Management Of Chronic Periodontitis. Egyptian Dental Journal, Vol 55(2): 2129:2134.
  • Hossam Eid, Fathy Abozaid, Ossam Gouda (2009). Efficacy of combined autogenous rich plasma preparation and bone grafting in management of bone defects in chronic periodontitis. Al-Azhar Journal of Dental Science; 12 (1):1-10.

Funded Scientific Projects

Title: Evaluation of halitosis and sialometry in Emirati diabetic patients before and after periodontal treatment
Date of acceptance: Nov 2017
Institution: Al jalila Foundation, Dubai
Role: PI

Title: Evaluation of Nanostructured Surface Dental Implants in Uncontrolled Diabetic Animal Model.
Date of acceptance: November, 2016
Institution: National Research Centre Egypt
Role: Team member
Status: In progress

Title : (Genetic Factors That May Modify the Host Response to Periodonto-pathic Bacteria among Saudi Adolescents)
Date of acceptance: December, 2011
Institution: King Khalid University, KSA
Role: Principal investigator (PI)
Status: Finished project with paper published

KKU second funded project (1)
Title: Bio-Modification of Teeth Roots of Diabetic Patients Using Different Conditioning Materials: Surface Topography and Possibility of Periodontal Ligament Cell Adhesion
Institution: King Khalid University, KSA
Status: finished with published paper
KKU second funded project (2)
Title: Management of combined endo-perio lesions using alternative treatment modalities
Institution: King Khalid University, KSA
Status: finished with published paper


  • Clinical  Periodontology an Overview part I – ISSN:  978-3-639-76397-3 
      Publisher: Scholar Press, Germany/ May 2015
  • Basic Concepts of Surgical Periodontics – ISSN:  978-3-330-00899-1
      Publisher: Lambert Academic publishing, Germany/ Jan. 2017