Preparatory Program

Preparatory program is short term program consisting of several courses that can be taken individually or all together according to student individual needs.

General Education Preparatory Program is non-degree program designed upon request of prospective students coming from high schools where:

  1. language of instruction was not English, or/and
  2. curriculum is not covering all subjects, needed for admission as per MOE

or any other students lacking in knowledge or skills needed for smooth integration to university courses.

Preparatory program is designed to help students compensate needful in short term without major disturbance of semester and other regular teaching-learning duties.

As a fundamental component of all academic programs, General Education is the foundation supporting student acquisition of skills in communication, analysis, mathematical reasoning, and synthesis. General Education provides students with transferrable skills that prepare them to gain knowledge, acquire new competencies, and broaden their perspectives so that they may better adapt to the needs of a changing society.

The learning experiences and assessments provided by our academic programs are built on the General Education goals, which are reflected in the College’s core requirements.

  • Ensure smooth transition from high school to university
  • Prepare students for admissions to join any bachelor’s degree programs at GMU or other universities
  • Improve students’ English Language skills to successfully pass the Proficiency Test
  • Equip students with a commonly used medical terminology in English
  • Develop students’ academic learning skills and widens their general knowledge base
  • Discover career pathways that best suits prospective university student’s personality
  • English language: course is designed to enable students to communicate easily in English in different academic and daily life situations and will be customized according to students’ basic level. Content will be from greetings to paragraphs writing. Course has to emphasis communication skills and comprehension.
  • Medical Terminology: course has to focus on Medical English and has main objective to approach medical terminology to the prospective students.
  • Biology: course is designed to revise human body and its organ systems in order to make transition from high school to university level easier. Students will learn main parts, physiological process and functioning of human body.
  • Chemistry: course has to revise/ introduce organic and inorganic chemistry related to human body and its functioning.