GMU Master in Clinical Pharmacy Program Invites External Examiners as Best Practice Quality Indicator

Master in Clinical Pharmacy (MCP) students at the College of Pharmacy, GMU successfully completed their Research Thesis Defense examination on July 25, 27, and 28, 2020, three to four students per day. The research work spread over one full year. With their hard work and supervision from experienced faculty, students were able to complete their research starting from conceiving the idea, Institutional Review Board approval, data collection, analysis, preparation of a research manuscript and thesis before finally defending their work before the examination committee. The students’ research projects had contributions from internal and external co-supervisors and some of the work included multi-site research.

All students had 3 examiners including a pharmacy professional from Gulf Medical University, a senior medical professional from Thumbay University Hospital, and a pharmacy professional from one of the following Universities in the USA; Washington State University, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Medical University of South Carolina.

Vice Chancellor for Quality & Global Engagement and Dean Sherief Khalifa commented: Having a medical doctor on the examination team adds value to students’ work and brings about interprofessional collaboration in clinical research. External examiners and distinguished professors from top ranked universities around the world is an indication of quality and best practices. Our soon to graduate MCP students are now ready for the next step in their career.