GMU and IVPN Network Come to Action in an Onsite College of Pharmacy Clinical Seminar

On 24th May 2021, Dr. Ahmad Al-Ouweini Clinical pharmacist at Lebanese American Medical Center – Rizk Hospital presented in the College of Pharmacy weekly seminar on:

Recent Advances in Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs): Clinical Pearls and Evolving Roles”

Faculty, preceptors and APPE students attended the seminar and participated in the Q&A session. Dr. Al-Ouweini presented from his own clinical experience while discussing evidence from the recent literature. He also shared with the APPE students some tips on how to become an influencer pharmacist and build up career goals.

Dr. Al-Ouweini is the Chair of the IVPN-AR organizing committee, Leader of IVPN-Journal Club Listserv, and an Editor of IVPN-Digest.

Vice Chancellor for Quality & Global Engagement and Dean College of Pharmacy, Prof. Sherief Khalifa commented: It was a great pleasure to have Dr. Ahmad visit us in our GMU campus. His clinical knowledge, experience and ideas added value to our GMU team. We are looking forward to more fruitful interactions with IVPN Network.