College of Pharmacy Drug Discovery Research Seminar

On Tuesday, February 15, 2022 the college of pharmacy hosted a research seminar for the Master of Science in Drug Discovery and Development (MDD) students. The seminar was given by Dr. Mohamed AbouGhaly, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy, New Giza University. Dr. AbouGhaly earned his doctoral degree from Cairo University, then joined Purdue University as a postdoctoral fellow.

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His talk focused on Dr. Mohamed’s research work on protein characterization. He presented the story of the feasibility and limitations of solid-state hydrogen deuterium exchange (ssHDX-MS) for characterizing proteins in lyophilized solids.

Prof. Sherief Khalifa, Dean of the college of Pharmacy commented: “We are always glad to see research scientists from around the globe contributing to our postgraduate programs and enriching the research experience of our students”.