Dr. Ahmed Al-Abd Presents a Scientific Research Webinar at The Waterfalls Initiative for Continuous Education “From UAE to the World”

On May 24th, Dr. Ahmed Al-Abd, Associate Dean academic and Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology presented a live scientific research webinar on the anticancer drug discovery from natural sources at Waterfalls Initiative for continuous education. The Presentation is a part of webinar series organized by DUPHAT in collaboration with Gulf Medical University under the theme “from UAE to the world”.

Dr. Al-Abd summarized part of his research in the field of drug discovery with emphasis on naturally derived compounds in terms of chemopreventive, chemotherapeutic and chemomodulatory effects of naturally derived bioactive molecules.

Professor Sherief Khalifa, Vice Chancellor for Quality & Global engagement and Dean, College of Pharmacy commented:  We are both honored and delighted to contribute to the ‘Waterfalls’ initiative by the Ministry of Possibilities fostering the free exchange of knowledge and science throughout the world.