College of Pharmacy to lead clinical pharmacy services at Thumbay University Hospital

In ongoing efforts to strengthen the GMU Academic Health System, the College of Pharmacy at Gulf Medical University is joining hands with Thumbay University Hospital (TUH) to build a strong Clinical Pharmacy Department. The College of Pharmacy has always been instrumental in providing the expertise and patient care in collaboration with the Thumbay group of hospitals. Now, with the new organizational structure, we expect the quality of patient care and experiential education to be further enhanced and maximized in TUH.

Working with the “Drug and Therapeutics Committee” at TUH, the Clinical Pharmacy department is well positioned to lead and contribute to Clinical pharmacy research and to conduct evidence-based analyses to assess the safety, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of medications. Working closely with the Center for Drug Information & Evidence Based Pharmacy (CDI&EBP), the clinical pharmacy department is on call to provide the drug information, prepare hospital formulary and standard treatment protocols, provide patient education leaflets and many more. The department is in the process of developing medication therapy management (MTM) services on medication adherence, Anticoagulation, Heart failure and Diabetes.

Thumbay University Hospital Complex is a 3 min walking distance from the college of pharmacy, and we are excited about this new association which is going to advance patient care and enhance the pharmacy practice experience for our students.