World Kidney Day Awareness Program

The World Kidney Day was celebrated on 15th March 2021 as part of community engagement activity by the College of Nursing, Semester 6 BSN students of Gulf Medical University. The purpose of the program was to create awareness on the importance of prevention of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) as well as focusing on the theme for World Kidney Day 2021 “Living well with kidney disease” focusing on patient empowerment, partnership with a paradigm shift towards a strength-based approach to care, which can inspire confidence and hope in patients that they can live well with CKD.

The program was attended by the Chancellor, Prof Hosam Hamdy, Medical Director Dr. Fozi Abozaid Dakilah, Operationals Manager Dr. Omar Nabil, Specialist & Head of Division, Nephrology Dr. Rajaram Rambhau Jagdale, Group CNO Ms. Nancy Justina Mendonca, Dean CON, Dr. Selva Titus Chacko and the Faculty. Prof Hamdy stressed the importance of learning from the patients by being near to them and listening to their concerns. Dr. Dakilah stressed the importance of prevention of CKD by controlling Hypertension and Diabetes mellitus. Dr. Jagdale stressed the importance of World Kidney Day and prevention of CKD. Ms. Mendonca appreciated the students for initiating the program. Dean Dr. Chacko thanked the Chancellor, Medical Director and the Group CNO for the continued support and reminded the students about the privilege of the existing Academic Health System in GMU which aids in conducting and learning from such events.

The semester 6 students prepared posters on risk factors, clinical manifestations, life style modification, peritoneal dialysis and organ donation. Models were prepared on normal kidney, diseased kidney and hemodialysis. There was a display of real food items that are permissible for a kidney disease patient. A pamphlet was prepared on prevention as well as living well with kidney disease. Beside this screening was done for Blood pressure, Random Blood Sugar and BMI. Patients from the dialysis unit as well as the public who attended the OPD participated in the program and clarified their doubts regarding CKD.

A poster competition was conducted on the theme where the 1st year BSN students participated and certificates were awarded to the winners. The students of semester 6 and 8 who volunteered to work during the COVID 19 crisis were appreciated and honored with a certificate.