Anesthesia Technology Internship Program

Anesthesia Technology Internship is an obligatory period of experiential learning spanning six months where the graduate of the Anesthesia technologist program is trained in the operating theater and intensive care unit to acquire the knowledge, skill, and competencies required to function as an independent Anesthesia Technologist.

This internship period is mandatory for graduates of Health Science/Anesthesia Technology for taking the Anesthesia Technologist Licensing examination of the Ministry of Health and Prevention, UAE.

Gulf Medical University is offering the Internship program in collaboration with Thumbay University Hospital/ Ajman. Thumbay University Hospital/ Ajman is approved for Anesthesia Technology internship by the Ministry of Health and Prevention, UAE.

The aims of the internship are to

  • Provide ‘on the job’ experience under close supervision.
  • Provide opportunities to attain appropriate higher skills and competencies before entering the work-place as anesthesia technology/research/industry personnel.
  • Give an insight into the practice of the chosen profession
  • Serve as a strong motivating factor for the learner to continue and specialize further in the chosen field of study.
  • Provide a crucial operational link between the educational program and joining the workforce.

Bachelor of Health Science degree in Anesthesia Technology/Bachelor of Sciences in Anesthesia Technology degree or equivalent

Valid BLS, ACLS and PALS Certification

Fill online Application Form [Link]

The following documents are required as part of the internship application:

  1. Updated 2-page CV listing your personal details, educational qualifications, career goals, your interests, achievements
  2. 2 Letters of Recommendation
  3. Letter of Good Standing
  4. College / University Transcripts
  5. Final Degree or Provisional Degree Certificate
  6. Valid BLS Provider Certificate
  7. Valid passport with valid UAE visa (For local: Family Book)
  8. Valid Emirates ID
  9. Birth Certificate
  10. 6 Recent Passport size photo (white background)
  11. Medical Fitness Certificate (Vaccination): BCG, HBV, and Tetanus are mandatory.
  12. Hemophilus Influenza is optional.