Career Opportunities


The program will provide the students with knowledge, skills and competencies for career in Biomedical Sciences and for further studies like Masters in Clinical Chemistry, Toxicology, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Genetics and Public Health etc.

Two main fields that have opportunities for employment to the graduate of the BBMS program are industries, and the promotion and sale of pharmaceuticals and healthcare equipment. In industries, he/she will be able to serve as an effective link between manufacturers of pharmaceutical or diagnostic (laboratory and imaging) equipment and the relevant consumers in the healthcare setting such as hospital, clinics and healthcare training institutions. The graduate will also have opportunities of employment as a Medical Representative promoting pharmaceutical products or as liaison between the biotechnology industry and medical technologies on the one hand and the appropriate consumer in the healthcare services setting on the other.

Career prospects for Biomedical Science graduate:

  • Medical Technologist* in
    • Clinical Laboratories in Hospitals and Medical Centers
    • Toxicology Laboratories
    • IVF Labs
    • Forensic Labs
  • Technologist in Research Laboratories
  • Biomedical Specialist in companies manufacturing / marketing Biomedical supplies
  • Research Assistants in R&D in Biomedical / Pharmaceutical industries
  • Journalists / Science writers in medical / health related publications

* After fulfilling requirements of respective licensing authorities.