Master of Dental Surgery in Periodontics (MDS)

MDS (Periodontology) is a three year educational and training program which delivers the graduate student a broad academic background in Periodontics to enable them to diagnose and manage diseases of the periodontium. Periodontology focuses on handling defects and diseases of the periodontium. The course inculcates the essential knowledge and principles in dento-facial aesthetics. It is an internationally renowned surgical dental specialty.

The objective of the Masters (Periodontics) program is to prepare graduates for a fruitful and dynamic career in the speciality of Periodontics. The curriculum is intended to develop the clinical, academic, research and communicative services that will provide for expanded career opportunities. The educational experience is broadminded in nature offering increasing responsibilities as a resident’s progress through the program. A unique feature of this program is instant participation in all aspects of patient care. Most of the employers were employing Periodontists in their clinics/ centres/ hospitals. One-third of the employers were currently employing Periodontists in their clinic suggesting that there is an ever-expanding need for Periodontist across all the emirates.

Ability to provide a wide range of therapy choices for periodontally involved teeth was one of the competencies the employers were looking for in their Periodontists.  However, they also expected a range of other competencies extending from performing routine scaling to performing guided tissue regeneration.

The scope of this speciality is widespread and concerns the diagnosis and treatment of diseases involving the periodontium, dento-alveolar complex and oral mucosa including the occlusion and the temporo-mandibular joint. The Periodontist frequently work together with other specialists including general dental practitioners, endodontists, orthodontists, prosthodontists, oral radiologists, oral pathologists, oncologists, and other medical professionals when treating medically compromised patients with periodontal complications.